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Without an understanding of geopolitics, gold investment news can't be correctly placed in the right context.

Here you will find key articles and gold investment news, that get to the root issues, problems and likely outcomes of critical events around the world that will directly impact your investing strategies and net worth.

This section isn't about the day to day details and numbers. It's about the actions and moves that create massive knock-on effects for the global financial system and bullion market.

Learn below about who and what is covered here and why it's important.

Latest Articles

The Largest Gold Nuggets that Still Exist. Nature produces some amazing things and the size of these blocks of gold are part of that. The third largest on our list was found by an amateur enthusiast using just his metal detector!  Read full article by Alex Lemaire

Getting Off the Emotional Roller Coaster Ride of the Financial Markets. Sudden drops and unexpected turns are how today's financial markets roll, so read some gold investment news to help avoid that stress with once in a lifetime key opportunities to take.  Read full article by James Gibson

Spotting & Living Through a Bank Bail In. I lived through the financial storm that hit Cyprus in 2013. I warned people it was coming - they didn't listen. Now I'm telling you all again, so listen carefully this time! Read full article by James Gibson

Gold & Silver Price at an Inflection Point? Recent country and market developments have put precious metals in an interesting position where they can now re-establish their central role in the future economy. Read full article by James Gibson

China's New Parallel International Financial SystemEncompassing 70% of the world's population, the new international financial system in place is shadowing the Western dominated one, ready to replace it at any time. Read full article  by James Gibson

The War on Cash. Learn about the new war, how and why it's being rolled out, who benefits and who suffers. Read full article  by James Gibson

Is China's Economy Stable & Growing? The West tends to put a bad light on pretty much everything non-Western, so how correct are the reports on how the Chinese economy is doing and where its going? Read full article by James Gibson

Greek Default Now on a Shoestring. The IMF fiddles a Greek default by paying itself after negotiations fail. Now there is no obvious way out. Read full article  by James Gibson

The Impact of Greece Leaving the Euro. The coming referendum, Greece's pivot to the East and Russia's gas Ace. Read full article  by James Gibson

The Engineered Greek Economic Crisis. The loan interest trap by the banks, governments that work and Syriza’s Poisoned Chalice. Read full article  by James Gibson

To Grexit or Not to Grexit? The dirty secret of European debt, the traps created, hard choices & the consequences for Europe and the World. Read full article  by James Gibson

Who and What Is Covered in This Gold Investment News?

Geopolitics & Bullion

Physical bullion is a global money that can affect and be affected by geopolitics. There are clear signals, if you are prepared to listen, that provide good rewards if you take action in a timely manner and display patience.

China, Russia, SCO & BRICS

This group will dictate how the next 3 centuries will look. Creating real physical bullion markets to replace the LMBA and Comex, they will soon dictate the price of gold and silver bullion.

Secretly building their gold bullion reserves by tens of thousands of tonnes, all money will eventually flow through their financial infrastructure, mainly led by China. They will soon reset the value of gold and introduce a gold backed currency. The gold investment news from China is decisive.


The last century has been the dominion of the USA.

With the US Dollar as the world's reserve currency, they have established massive global financial entities and control the prices of bullion and commodities.

As its supremacy is waning, the USA is creating ever more desperate financial acts to preserve its power. The maths shows can't avoid financial meltdown and failure.


Europe, the grand prize for both the USA and Russia-China alliance.

The key global financial systems were created in Europe and much of the world's private gold is managed here so any gold investment news stemming from here is central. 

With the fragility of the Southern EU states, any failures here will have massive consequences on the global economy.

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Why is The Above Gold Investment News Important?

All of the world's financial system is currently based on fiat paper money. 

What this means is that all our currencies are simply created from nothing. They are synthetic and as much of it can be created without limit or restriction - who can't add zeros to a calculator, right?

Prior to 1971 all money was back by physical bullion. You could only create as much currency as you had money (gold and silver) backing it. You can't simply create physical bullion (not with our technology level anyway).

The USA didn't like this restriction, so on 15th August 1971 the link between bullion and currencies was severed.

They could now print as much money as they wanted - let the party times begin!

The Problem

In the 5000 years of recorded monetary history over 600 fiat currencies have been created.

None have ever survived. Their average time to fail is 40 years. We are now in year 43!

When The Curtains Close

The ever increasing amount of currency in the system will eventually increase at a hyper-inflationary rate and the currency will become worthless and die. Happens every time - no exceptions.

When fiat currency dies, it then always goes back to being physically backed. So the loop goes back to the beginning.

It is therefore critically important to buy physical bullion now whilst you still can. Because it will soon either be unavailable or so expensive you can't afford it.

Gold investment news is incredibly important as it allows you to keep ahead of the masses (you don't want to politely queue to save yourself) and you won't get stressed about events that happen as you will have already positioned yourself appropriately ahead of it.

If you need to understand more about the corrosive action of fiat currencies then learn how and why you should preserve your purchasing power.

Authored by David Gibson:

Authored by David Gibson:

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