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Buying gold, silver and platinum bullion worldwide at the touch of a button has never been easier. You can safely store your savings and investments as physical precious metals and seamlessly move them around the world with us outside of the banking system.

Your physical precious metals investment account and digital bullion currency e-wallet are:

  • Free to open
  • Require no minimum balances
  • Have no management fees

Choose Which Type of Precious Metals Account You Want:

Physical Allocated Bullion Account
(Savings & Long-Term Storage)

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Bullion Digital Currency Account
(Transactions & Short-Term Holding)

Coming Soon!

The gold & silver bullion backed digital currency hasn't launched yet.

Stay tuned.

Wholesale Prices & Quantities

You get direct access online  to the largest 7 physical precious metals markets worldwide through our online trading platforms.

MetalDesk accesses the physical allocated wholesale markets and is the first institutional 100% allocated bullion trading platform created in the world.

The BCX trading platform gives you access to the BullionCoin Primary (must be a qualified member) and Secondary retail (standard access) markets.

Because the ABX markets are institutional and wholesale in nature, you will get among the lowest wholesale prices worldwide for both large & small orders and also benefit from the depth of its global liquidity.

Protecting You When Buying Gold

The safety of your money and wealth is our foremost concern when you are buying gold. Your account and holdings are as secure as can be made, using the most advanced IT technologies and leading world-class private vaults with unparalleled track records in protecting valuable assets.

Take your first steps to start protecting your money by investing into physical gold, silver or platinum bullion.

The Opening Process

The simple steps for open your precious metals accounts are:

  • Step 1:  Add & confirm your details such as name, email, telephone and address
  • Step 2:  Upload copies of relevant documents such as photo ID or company certificates
  • Step 3:  Click on 'Submit'
  • Step 4:  Tell everyone how easy it is to open an account and start buying gold, silver & platinum bullion (optional, but nice!)

Then just sit back and wait for the verification process to be completed. It can take 2-3 business days to process your application and for your Holding to go live.

Once verified, you are under no obligation to transfer funds after creating your account, it will stay open indefinitely with a zero balance. Or, you can start transferring funds to your account where any cash will be kept in a segregated Trust account until you want to buy your precious metals to be privately stored worldwide outside of the banking system. 

Parties Processing Your KYC Application

For the Physical Allocated Bullion Accounts, the opening and verification process is done by Bullion Capital. They also monitor the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) aspects relating to this account type.

For the BullionCoin Digital Currency Wallet, the opening and verification process is performed by Digital Gold Ltd. They are responsible for monitoring the AML aspect for the wallet transactions.

Wealth Protection

Physical gold bullion and precious metals provide the best means of safely preserving your wealth for timeless generations. Buying gold and silver bullion allows you to benefit from investing into an asset that will both protect your money and increase in value in times of economic difficulties.

Physical precious metals are ideal for pensions and the safeguarding of your current savings. Please do contact us for more information on how you can benefit from investing through us.

In Case of Emergency - Break Glass

gold bullion emergency for buying gold

If you want to open an account and have it sitting there empty as a backup just in case of a potential banking emergency, then please do so (I'd recommend that as a minimum action).

In a financial crisis you must already have a backup plan pre-prepared and in place to give you the ability to react faster than the unfolding crisis (and other investors trying to escape). If not, you run the risk of having the markets and panicking public squash you flat, leaving you with little left.

Take the stress away now by knowing you can start buying gold and other physical precious metals at the click of a button.

Don't Wait for a Financial Crisis to Happen Before Acting

Waiting 2-3 days for the Holding to open pending verification, is an eternity that could cost you dearly, so be forward-thinking and get it out of the way now. There is no benefit to you ensuring that you are locked into the banking system without an escape route. Why take the risk of not doing so when you could start the process today

Pièce de Résistance

The most common argument against buying gold, silver or platinum bullion, is that it just sits there and does not 'work' for you to generate income. Stocks pay dividends, cash earns interest (just and if you're lucky) but bullion does neither.

This has now changed and that argument no longer applies.

ABX and BCX now lead the global physical precious metals industry by offering you the ability to generate income from the physical bullion you purchased.

For the Physical Allocated Bullion Accounts, you can pledge your stored physical precious metal bullion as collateral allowing you to raise cash for other use without losing title to your physical bullion.

For the BullionCoin Digital Bullion wallets, you will generate income from all of the coins you created in the primary market and as a merchant you will be paid for all BullionCoin transactions you process.

Not Sure Just Yet? No Problem!
Open a Demo Holding to Try the Physical Allocated Bullion Account

Demo of Buying Gold

You have the ability to open a demo account to see what the Physical Allocated marketplace looks like and how it works. Your demo account comes pre-funded with $500,000 of virtual money for you to place virtual trades (i.e. not for real) and buying gold, silver & platinum on all of our international precious metals markets.

You are under no obligation to open a real account if you try the demo, so you have nothing to lose with much to gain from your insight.

Questions About Buying Gold, Silver & Platinum or Setting up Your Holding?

Don’t be afraid to ask us about anything you aren't sure of. It's been calculated that less than 1% of people in the USA have actually bought wholly allocated physical gold bullion (it's even less in other parts of the world), so please feel free to contact us with your queries.

Why not do something different today by taking the first steps towards removing yourself from total dependence on the banking and financial systems. Take charge and responsibility of your own finances by creating a precious metals account with GoldVu now.

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Have your say about what you just read! Leave me a comment in the box below.

New! Comments

Have your say about what you just read! Leave me a comment in the box below.
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