Probably The Best Online Brokerage Fees for Physical Gold & Silver Bullion Over 100 Grams

Probably The Best Online Brokerage Fees for Physical Gold & Silver Bullion Over 100 Grams

The best online brokerage and storages fees are not just about the percentages but also whether or not you can identify if there are any hidden / embedded fees that may not be fully disclosed to you regarding your physical precious metals investments.

As you will find we, unlike many competitors, deliberately and clearly separate ALL of our fees from the market-determined price of the physical bullion.

The majority of other companies may show low or no fees just so they can say state they advertise the best online brokerage percentages. What they don't tell you is that they hide their real profit making fees by embedding it in their advertised price of bullion. They deliberately alter the real market buy and sell prices in their favour, which is against your interests.

It's through this difference in the buy and sell price you're offered, known as the price spread, that they make their money by making you pay far more than you should do.

When you work out their price spread, virtually every single one of our competitors are more expensive then GoldVu - some of them outrageously so! Therefore don't get suckered into what on the surface looks like a good deal with their fees.

It is for this reason that to make sure you really do get the best online brokerage fees, the actual market-determined price of the physical bullion and our fees are always clearly separated; here, on our trading platform and on your Trade Confirmation document.

Nothing is hidden - What you see is what you get!

The Fees

Our best online brokerage basic fees are available to all of our client types and are the same for all of our precious metals products. The basic starting fees are:

All Buy & Sell Transactions

Best Online Brokerage Fee for Bullion

This fee covers all metal types, markets and currencies for all buy and sell transactions (brokerage execution).

Private Storage and Custodial Services

Best Online Brokerage Fee for Bullion Private Storage

Calculated daily and invoiced monthly in arrears at agreed rates. Storage is only paid on the bullion that is held by clients at 5:00pm local time in each trading hub. Bullion that has not yet been delivered to the vault will not accrue storage fees.

This fee covers all metal types and USD global market locations only. AUD market storage fee for all metal types is 0.85%.

Physical Withdrawal

Best Online Brokerage Fee to Withdraw Your Physical Bullion.

This a single flat fee per withdrawal, which covers the admin costs of the vault provider.

Cost of freight is added if you request delivery and will be confirmed by GoldVu when you make your withdrawal request. There is no freight cost if you are collecting from the vault.

Segregation of Bars

Best Online Brokerage Fee to Segregate Precious Metals Bars

CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE: To be re-introduced soon

This is the fee per bar you want to be physically segregated. You receive full bar details including unique bar serial number.

Only certain bars are available for segregation.

Personal Vault Visit to Inspect Holdings

Best Online Brokerage Cost to Visit a Vault

You can arrange to visit any global market vault to audit and inspect your physical precious metals holdings held there.

This is only applicable for segregated holdings.

Clients visiting a vault to audit their holdings will get a lifetime storage discount.

You Really Want the Best Online Brokerage Fees?

OK no problem, but to get our best online brokerage fees you're going to have to work for it. We provide discounts on our brokerage and storage fees that:

  1. Take into account the value of your business
  2. Encourage you to engage in best practice for managing your physical precious metal assets
  3. Instils confidence and peace of mind that your physical precious metals really do exist

We also have organised special fee discounts for clients from select affiliates. If you believe you are eligible for a special fee discount, then be sure to mention it to us when you have opened your Central Holding so that we can apply it where appropriate.

We have divided our precious metals services into 2 sectors in order to better meet your needs. Each group has its own discount fee structure that better matches your needs and requirements.


Please select your category that best reflects you to see further discount details:

Best Online Brokerage Fees for Private Investors
Best Online Brokerage Fees for Corporate Entities

We also give you a fee discount off our private custodial storage services for personally visiting the vaults to inspect & audit your Central Holding. If you don’t wish to use our vaulting services you can always take delivery of your precious metals.

To start either privately investing into precious metals or building up a corporate entity based investment you need to first create a Central Holding with us which is an easy and simple process to do.

Authored by David Gibson:

Authored by David Gibson:

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