A Solo Build It Review; My Real Insider's Story

This Solo Build It review is for those of you who have ever considered developing your own business either on-line or through a bricks and mortar location. 

The internet has been around for several decades and it's an amazing tool to use to create a new business on or use to support and grow your off-line business.

For entrepreneurs, there are two main problems with the internet:

  1. It's big and easy to disappear amongst the billions of other web pages out there.
  2. People still don't really know how to get the best out of it to create an income and grow it.

However, not all is lost.

This review is about a company that was set up specifically to help people like you and I, build a successful business presence online, and it can be applied to any subject (preferably one that you enjoy doing).

Their success rate for getting online businesses among the highest ranking websites, is incredible (I will show you proof of that further on below). This review is for anyone wanting to have a bit of financial independence to those want to grow a business they already have.

I use them and thoroughly recommend them.

My Credentials for This Review

Solo Build It! used to be known as Site Build It! (they've been going for 20+ years now, so about time for a re-brand). They did this to better reflect how they have evolved in supporting solopreneurs, like you and me, in building our online businesses, hence the name change. It's all about supporting YOU, the Solo individual trying to carve out a new, self-reliant life through a business online.

I have personally paid for and used SBI! since May 2012 and continue to do so. If you don't consider that that 5 years' worth of experience counts for anything and you'd rather accept a Solo Build It review by someone that has ZERO inside knowledge and experience…go ahead, however you're highly likely to get burnt by their "recommendations" and it'll be highly probable that your online business will never grow or generate the income you'd like it to.

Don't just take my word for it, check out the proof below for hundreds (more like thousands) of other successful SBI! members like me, which you can easily & independently verify yourself.

By the way, beware of other SBI reviews where the reviewer has never used them! They tend to be a 'Bait & Switch' review where they draw you in based on a particular product or service and then turn it around to recommend another that they want to get paid for selling to you.

It's amazing to see those bait & switch people nominating and promoting themselves as 'experts' on subject areas, and giving advice and recommendations on it based on information they got via Google! If a person hasn't paid for and thoroughly used the product they are reviewing, then consider it a scam review.

To Start at the Beginning - How Did I Discover SBI!?

Supremely short answer:    Because I broke both my legs

Hmmmm…I probably need to expand on a few more details to be able to connect those two dots together.

Invincibility of Youth

Solo Build It Review OCdt at RMASMe as an Officer Cadet at RMA Sandhurst

Leaving university, I felt the need to counter all of that mental/theoretical stuff with something more physically demanding that also offered further qualifications and better personal development.

So in 1999 I joined the British Army and was promptly sent packing to the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in order to become a Commissioned Officer.

A little while into my military career, an assault course had a minor disagreement with me part way around it. This disagreement resulted in me falling and breaking both of my legs, which was an interesting sensation to say the least.

After a year of sitting on the side-lines to recover, I was given a medical discharge as the tissue damage didn't heal sufficiently enough to allow me to continue soldiering effectively. So it was back to civi-street for me.

Joining the Rat Race

I was lucky enough to have a friend from university that started a small business development company (Acumen Marketing Services Ltd) and it had grown to the point it needed a management layer. So I became the Operations Manager and oversaw pretty much aspect of the business (at the top it was just me and the MD).

I had a good time there, learnt a lot and oversaw the company grow to where it was delivering around GBP £5 Billion of new business opportunities to our clients each year.

But as fun as it was, I've always held an attraction towards ploughing my own path and becoming self-reliant. I decided that running a desk (that someone else owned) from 9 to whatever time I left the office at night, was only get me so far in terms of quality of life and achieving my aspirations.

So I closed that rat race chapter in search of pastures new...and moved to Cyprus.

Solo Build It review from Polis Chrysochous Bay in CyprusOur new home: Polis Chrysochous Bay in Cyprus

Finding The Solution to My Problem

From even before my time at university I was a great believer in physical precious metals as the true form of money over the current paper currencies that come with government stamps on them saying "Trust This Paper in the Way You Trust Us Politicians". Yeah, yeah – like I was born yesterday!

Along the way I've always helped people in my own free time, to buy physical bullion and provide advice as much advice as they needed. I did this out of interest in helping people to get out of the banking system to help protect their money.

So when I arrived in Cyprus, I wanted to formalise my many years of accumulated knowledge of gold bullion, silver & platinum into a successful international business.

I didn't want a shop front as that would lock me into a location with unnecessary capital & fixed costs. I therefore felt that an online business was the way to go (plus being internet based, I could take it with me if I moved to another country).

Problem was, I didn't have a clue about setting up an internet business and even less about how to be found and get that all important click.

After 2 years of researching (yes, that's not a typo; TWO years of research), I decided to put my money down and join the only organisation that I could see existed worldwide which offered the technical and business development support required to build a high traffic, profitable and successful 100% internet based business.

I never looked back…

That organisation at the time was called Site Build It!

And now you can see that those two unrelated dots from the beginning are indeed connected (it's entirely possible that if I hadn't broken my legs then SBI! and myself might never have met. Ahh, those unpredictable twists and turns of life).

The Reason You are Here

Notwithstanding my little bit of history linking me to Solo Build It, the reason you're here and reading this page is because you want to know the answer to "does SBI! really do what it says on the tin"?

So, let's dig into my Solo Build It review…

Solo Build It Review; Building Internet Businesses the Right Way

It's generally accepted that most businesses which fail, do so within their first 3 years of starting. I'd bet that failed internet based businesses happen in much less time; probably by end of year 1 (that's my gut feel rather than fact).

My reasoning for this is that when it gets hard, it's so much easier to just close the browser's tab showing your website and never click on that bookmark again.

But why would that be with online businesses?

Normally it's due to the returns (traffic/visitors and or money) not matching your invested time, money and effort. With all of the billions of webpages out there, it is tough being found and then getting that all important click.

To get anywhere against all the competition out there and give yourself the best possible chance of succeeding, you need to:

  • Do the right research before starting to identify a niche with the best potential
  • Have and apply the right approach and methodology from day 1
  • Use highly efficient and productive tools to both enable & support your growth
  • Have a 1st class IT service
  • Have an amazing community of thousands of fellow like-minded people that not only have built an online business, but made an incredible success of it*

* All successful entrepreneurs will tell you that having an excellent mentor is an incredibly important factor in their success. It's also important that your mentors should be people that are a "proven success" in their own right.

Solo Build It review highlight:

The number of highly successful online business solopreneurs in the SBI! community is unrivaled by any other organisation in the world. And best of all, they are incredibly active in the forums helping people to build their own businesses. You will never find a better pool of mentorship anywhere else - don't believe me?...check the numbers and verify their success yourself.

From my time in the business development world I knew what I needed in order to make a business successful. What I didn't know or have, was the tools specific to the internet environment, and that's where SBI! came in.

Unparalleled Business Building Structure & Support

Before I joined, I did my own complete personal due diligence & Solo Build It review or their entire spectrum of services. I was deeply impressed with how all-encompassing their support, tools and development structure were.

They start with the assumption that you have zero knowledge of the internet, zero knowledge about how to build a business and zero knowledge what niche you want to build your business about.


Dr Ken EvoyDr Ken Evoy

SBI! has fantastic leadership in the form of its Founder and CEO, Dr Ken Evoy. He has authored many books with ground-breaking ideas and foresight (over 20yrs ago) on how the internet will develop and what businesses need to do to take advantage of it.  A company's leadership is always important for gauging a company's ability, drive and integrity towards its clients.

SBI's Process

SBI! guides you at every step of the way with their Action Guide. By half-way through the process you will have:

  1. Mastered the basics to building a strong business foundation
  2. Researched and identified a real profitable niche that you know you will enjoy writing about *
  3. Planned your website's page blueprint and their relevant keywords
  4. Learnt how to correctly write each page so it will be found on Google and clicked on
  5. Investigated and planned your monetization options
  6. Registered your carefully chosen domain name

Solo Build It review highlight:

* Believe it or not, some companies really do give you a generic click on the "Make Money" option if you don't know what niche to choose.

Now, how many people do you think would click on that? Nearly all I bet, because we humans like the idea of an "easy money" stress free, low effort route.

So if most people select that, then by default it's no longer a niche where you can make money, and becomes instead a highly saturated and competitive market because everyone is choosing it. You will then find yourself in a position where you are then having to compete against all those other members (not very ethical of any company setting its members in conflict against each other, is it?).

If you don't understand the idea of a making money in niche vs a competitive market – try to imagine how successful your shop will be if you set it up right next door to one of those out of town Walmart superstores. What are you going to offer...lower prices? a wider choice of products? wholesale quantities?

So as a warning: If you come across any company offering some type of ridiculous "click here to make money" option – RUN! Just don't use them. Period! Your best interests is definitely not theirs – they are just out to screw you in order to fatten their own wallets.

The second half of SBI's Action Guide is where you then see the magic come together, giving birth to your business where it then develops into something amazing. It all stems from what you did in the first half:

  1. You learn how to build a website that people want to visit, by simply dragging your beautiful images and text into the screen where you want it to be (so no techie expertise needed)
  2. You build that all important traffic to your website and start seeing it ranking well in Google
  3. You're shown how to develop relationships with important people in your chosen field and join an amazing network of market leaders
  4. You learn how to understand your visitors and how to match their needs as part of your continuous business improvement
  5. You learn how to monetize your visitors with a wide variety of ways of generating money to become an incredibly successful solopreneur

Solo Build It review highlight:

SBI! isn't just about the tools, bells & whistles. I found that even from an early stage in the Action Guide process, the support and information from their community forum made a huge difference and is valuable beyond calculation. As mentioned earlier their first-hand knowledge and experience of building a successful business is incredibly important to your growth, even after many years.

Solo Build It Review of Its Impact on My Life

I can't overstate the beneficial impact that SBI! has had on my life and how it feels about being my own boss and being in charge of my own future.

I now have a successful international physical precious metals company that has clients from all over the world which trust me to safely vault their bullion with me on a custodial basis. The only places I don't have clients from so far are South America, Africa and oddly, Antarctica…yet.

I firmly believe and happily state that the reason my company reached this level of success is because I discovered Solo Build It! I realised that their services were exactly what I was looking for and had the courage to use and trust them.

I have now achieved the level of self-reliance I've always wanted. I live overseas in a beautiful Mediterranean country, where it's warm & the sun shines nearly every day…and there is a great beach bar 600 meters down the road from where I live! Winner!!

Much of the time I work from my office at home which has ZERO impact on the high level of professional quality and operational ability in providing a 1st class service to my clients.

Me working from home. As you can see, I've updated the look of the website since the photo was taken due to the improved technical knowledge I had picked up over the years (as you will too).


Everyone will have a different idea for what "quality of life" means. What YOU want to achieve is what is important.

I truly believe that if you want to create your own business, then do it online due to the greater reach and potential it will have.

If you start doing this part-time, you will eventually reach the point where the growth of your online business will be able to support you and your family to do what you want and go where you want.

You will then be able to stop working for others and become your own self-reliant boss, with limitless potential.

The Proof Supporting My Solo Build It Review

But hey…why take my Solo Build It review at its word?

At the end of the day, you should already know that people on the internet can make up and say anything they want and then push it onto you as an absolute fact. The only way to know this review is true and not fake, is to see proof that verifies it.

You're looking to make an important decision that will have an important impact on a new direction in your life, so you need to be sure you've made the right choice. Part of that includes your ability to differentiate between true and fake reviews.

Also ignore those nice looking comparison charts people often offer as it's all too easy to hide the truth behind a box with simple ticks & crosses.

  • You need to look at the cold and hard raw numbers
  • You need to see how many websites someone like SBI! puts into the top 1 million in the world
  • You need to see where those websites actually rank and the traffic they get
  • You need to be able to visit those websites to verify they actually exist
  • You should be able to read the real-life stories of the people that built those successful businesses (and maybe even contact them directly to double & triple check they really exist)

Ignore those crappy marketing slogans that companies always seem throw around to impress you, saying "We are The Best" this or "We are The Best" that. What a load of balls…just show me the hard numbers, not gimmicky one-liners.


Proof supporting my Solo Build It review is what you need and are ultimately looking for, so proof is what you get…

A sample of 500 successful SBI! businesses that are in the Top 0.5% of the internet. Check out their Alexa rankings and visit their websites.

Fascinating case studies of highly successful online SBI! businesses.

An enormous range of interviews and stories by real-life SBI! solopreneurs. Read about their achievements and successes.

52 Top Solo Build It solopreneurs sharing their secrets.

SBI's main proof page for you to explore.

Go For It!

So if you would like to give yourself a start on a new direction in life and gain financial independence, then I recommend giving Solo Build It! a go and click on the image link (but like all things worthwhile in life - it will require effort, self-discipline and motivation to succeed)...

Update to This Solo Build It Review

Well, it turns out that there is company that is not only trying to pass itself of as a competitor to SBI!, but they are also making all sorts of unfounded claims (if not lies) about how good they are in comparison to SBI!

This is a PERFECT opportunity to revisit this Solo Build It review and the numbers again but from the point of making direct comparisons between the two companies. This hard numbers comparison is to do with actual results and the impact both companies have on the success of online businesses.

Fake Reviews

In the above Solo Build It review, I told you what to beware of and what to look for in companies that promise you success. Let's take a quick peek before we dig deeper:

  1. The results and numbers unequivocally show that claims made by this company are so far removed from reality that you can only presume they are knowingly lying.
  2. Their ticks & crosses comparison chart between themselves & SBI! really is little more than an outright lie. I know this because of my 5 years of membership with SBI!, so I know for a fact from my first-hand knowledge that SBI! provides all of those services with a cross marked against them, and much MUCH more.
  3. Unbelievable! - they also suggest clicking on their 'make money' option if you don't know what niche to go for, no effort to actually helping you find a genuinely profitable business that you will enjoy doing. Instead they corral you into an area they want you to do that will no doubt be profitable and beneficial to them, not you! Which is the complete opposite to SBI!
  4. I see that their members are also writing reviews bad-mouthing SBI!, and yet none seem to have used it (they more likely did a basic Google search), and even more importantly, none give any hard number evidence supporting their claims. I can only rate them as fake (as should you). They must somehow be getting paid to write them (probably with a promise of success via their affiliate program).

Fake reviews are a big problem online and this company is a prime example of that problem. They mislead consumers, just to make money at the cost of your success, because your business won't grow in the way it should have.

It's important to read the full 3 part study which gives 1) a complete overview of that company and their underhand tactics 2) the study's objective methodology which is rigorous, statistically significant & reproducible 3) absolutely astonishing results.

The company in question is called Wealthy Affiliate (WA), and based on their unsavoury practices I very much recommend avoiding them.

Quick Summary of the Full Study:

  1. SBI! puts 2,200% (Alexa), 3,340% (SimilarWeb) and 4,280% (SEMrush) more sites into the top 1 million sites worldwide than WA. If you’re not a numbers person, that means 22X, 33X and 43X better. Or, an average of 33x better.
  2. In the chart below, you can see the Alexa traffic rankings (SBI! is blue and the WA scammers are red). The total for both adds up to 100% for each traffic ranking range.

What the chart is showing:

  • SBI! “owns” 96% and 98% of the 0-100K and 100K-200K brackets, nearly unattainably high traffic for a solopreneur
  • SBI! owns more than 95% of each 100K bracket until 900K-1M
  • SBI! owns more than 80% of each bracket from 900K-1M until 4-5M

Basically that means:

  1. SBI! dominates at success.
  2. Wealthy Affiliate dominates at failure.

The above is only a part of the results. There is far more information in the full study so check it out.

Solo Build It!

Even with this update, nothing in my Solo Build It review has changed. SBI! are still head and shoulders above anything else out there. So if you want to build a successful online business then choose Solo Build It as nothing else compares.

I hope you have enjoyed my Solo Build It review, I truly recommend that you give them a try if you are seriously contemplating starting your own internet business. If you have any questions about SBI! please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help.

Yours faithfully,

David Gibson, Managing Director of GoldVu

Authored by David Gibson:

Authored by David Gibson:

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