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Our Dedicated Service to You

I believe you should learn about us at GoldVu (pronounced "gold view")and our values because the business of dealing in physical precious metals and private custodial vaulting services is based on trust, integrity and relationships.

I want you to be confident enough to use GoldVu to help you safeguard your wealth now and into the future for you, your family, company and clients. We are guided by and apply strong family ethics and always intend look out for your best interests, including the safeguarding your private financial information.

So who are we here at GoldVu?

David Gibson
Managing Director

David Gibson - Managing Director of GoldVu
David Gibson - Managing Director of GoldVu

I hold responsibility for the management and direction of GoldVu. I operate it and deliver services with the high ethics and integrity expected from a family business with strong moral values, for the benefit of our clients.

As families are long-term obligations, I want to apply this to the relationships GoldVu has with its clients. Safeguarding your wealth and prosperity is a generational act that requires long-term thinking and commitment, which I am determined to provide you.

Quick Background

After completing my degree I started a career with the British Army in 1999. I served in both the Regular & Territorial Army and was a Commissioned Officer.

Following this, from 2004 to 2011 I was the Operations Manager for Acumen Marketing Services Ltd which is a high-level business development company based in the UK.

With Acumen I was responsible for overseeing and managing the company’s financials and its identification, development & delivery of over GBP£5 billion of new business opportunities to our clients every year across a wide variety of sectors, which at the time equated to approximately 0.3% of UK’s GDP.

So Why Create GoldVu?

I became a keen follower of physical precious metals in the late 1990s after realising that the theories and numbers connected to the concept of our existing fiat currencies just didn't add up and which also pointed to a bleak future for the current financial system. I realised that I needed to reduce my reliance on the banking system in order to safeguard my future financial prospects and wealth, or even better, exit the system entirely.

From that time, I discovered that there was a significant gap in marketplace of companies that could offer private investors and corporate entities the ability to trade in physical precious metals on all the major global markets and provide private custodial storage services at those locations.

After taking some well-deserved rest from the rat race, I took the decision to build an online business with Solo Build It! to allow everyone to take advantage of my 20+ years of accumulated knowledge of the precious metals industry and associated equities & finance. Furthermore I wanted to offer the world a safe and simple way to buy & sell physical precious metals as well as privately vaulting the bullion on a fully allocated custodial basis.

I knew that any such business must be a long-term commitment to those who use us and the best way to achieve this is through it being a wholly owned family entity that can continue to deliver excellent services beyond the horizon, and so GoldVu was born.

I do truly hope you use our physical precious metals brokerage and private custodial storage services as a way to easily and safely get out of the financial & banking system. If you have any questions or queries about this then please do contact me.

James Gibson
Our Sage on Banking, Finance and Geopolitics

James Gibson - GoldVu International Banking & Finance Expert
James Gibson - GoldVu International Banking & Finance Expert

My Little Piece of History

My background is in international banking.

I joined HSBC Group in 1970 and started my career as a Trainee International Officer. A few months later with training completed, I was bundled onto a plane to my first posting in Bahrain as a fully-fledged HSBC International Officer.

Racking up 25 years in the Middle East and another 18 months in Hong Kong, my international banking career has seen me through 14 postings in 10 countries, 3 coups & 3 wars.

During this time, I held a wide range of positions including Head of Corporate Bank Eastern Province Saudi Arabia, Area General Manager Western Province Saudi Arabia, and eventually retired from HSBC Holdings in 1996 as the Country CEO of Jordan and the West Bank.

In 1999, itchy feet led me to create one of the first purely online real estate agencies in SW France, specialising in châteaux, manoirs, maison de maitres, and other high-end properties.

So Why Get Involved With GoldVu?

After my retirement, I continued my interest in international finance, as well as developing a keen interest in geopolitics.

I became seriously involved in the precious metals sector in 1998 investing in both physical bullion as well PM mining shares. It has been an extraordinary roller-coaster ride, with exhilarating highs and very scary lows.

For the last 17 years I have endeavoured to provide family, friends and acquaintances with sound reasons for investing a percentage of their liquid assets in the precious metals sector.

When David came up with the concept of GoldVu, aimed at educating investors as to why they should incorporate precious metals within their investment portfolio and integrated that with the capability of enabling interested investors to then buy (and sell) physical bullion on-line, with seamless bullion storage in private, high security vaults, with a wide choice of geographical location, I was extremely happy and interested as to how I might assist.

David’s concept is a far more effective way of trying to educate investors about the precious metals than my aforementioned efforts in that regard and I am extremely proud of what David has achieved in building the GoldVu business and website from scratch without needing to source any outside assistance!

I believe that my 45 years experience in international financial matters, both as an international banker, and as a private investor, coupled with my interest in geopolitics, has provided me with a clear understanding of the challenges, misconceptions, misinformation and pitfalls, that the average retail investor has to contend with, when endeavouring to safely navigate the increasingly volatile, and uncertain international financial markets.

Ongoing, I will not be involved in any management or operational aspect within GoldVu, but instead offer independent guidance on areas of international banking & finance. Also I will contribute articles which will cover a variety of international financial and geopolitical matters with the aim of helping you to gain a better understanding of the compelling case for investing a suitable percentage of your assets into physical gold and silver bullion.

My Latest Book: From West to East

Read the Prologue or go to the notes page.

I've been, and continue to be, happily married for over 40 years with 3 fantastic children (grown up), I am pleased to be able to provide support to my eldest son, David, in this very exciting family business.

GoldVu - A Family Business

Our Family Coat of Arms

GoldVu is a family business that seeks to provide long-term services to its clients. I wish GoldVu to embrace its clients with the same characteristics associated with families, incorporating strong and long-term relationships.

Our family is built on and bonded through strong moral values that lay the foundation for how we interact with others and drives us to see the best possible outcomes for others.

We have a traditional, conservative and international outlook and with strong understanding of cultural differences.

It is through this balanced and global view that we are able to provide you with objective reasoning with the intention of helping you achieve financial security through physical precious metal bullion.

My Responsibility to You

If for whatever reason, you ever find any fault or have issues with GoldVu’s services or employees then please contact me using the subject line:  Concern

All messages sent with that subject will be received by me and I will personally deal with any concerns you have in a fair manner and take any/all appropriate actions I deem necessary.

I take full and final responsibility for all of the integrity and operational aspects within GoldVu.

I hope that you use, enjoy and benefit from our services and I look forward to establishing long-term relations with you.

Yours faithfully,

Authored by David Gibson:

Authored by David Gibson:

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