Navigate Precious Metals & Gold Spot Prices with Fully Interactive Charts in Real-Time

Gold spot prices and other assets in general, can be delayed by up to 10-20 minutes. However, here you will get your data shown in Real-Time so you can make crucial financial decisions before many other investors even see the prices move.

Main Spot Price Summaries

This great summary page will meet the needs of most people. It covers the gold spot prices and 42 other different assets, currencies and markets all in one easy to read page.

You can open any of these summarised real-time assets in our advanced interactive charts by clicking on the name of the listed asset.

Futures Prices

The precious metals and commodities futures are shown separately here as they differ slightly from the current gold spot prices. These prices come from COMEX and NYMEX which means these listings are all delayed rather than our normal real-time.

All of these future summaries can be opened in our advanced interactive chart.

Advanced Interactive Chart

Interact with all asset prices by using over 100 technical and drawing aids, with access to over 220 fundamentals for equities.

Completely free, our advanced interactive charts are more comprehensive than many paid services. Use these charts to drill down on areas you're wanting to analyse.

Gold & Silver Prices per Gram & Kilo

Silver and gold spot prices are normally shown in troy ounces.

Here you get to see them in grams, kilo and troy ounces. However, these prices are shown delayed by a few minutes, so only use them to get an approximate value.

Precious Metals in Different Global Currencies

If you want to see what the value of gold or silver is in your local currency, then this is the page for you.

Here you will see the gold and silver prices in the top currencies worldwide, real-time. You can also see a further 47 local currencies with a delayed price feed.

Gold Prices Today, Related Indices & Markets

Sometime the gold price on its own isn't enough. View volatility, mining ETFs and the HUI Gold Bug Index all on one page.

Our Kitco Gold Spot Prices Challenge

Many top sites such as Kitco offer gold and silver prices that are delayed by 10-15 minutes and yet they are called "live". We have set up a side by side comparison between our real-time prices and Kitco's live prices.

Take a few minutes to watch the two competing systems so you can see which one offers you the greatest benefits.

Requests / Issues

If you want to see a particular price you think is important to add, then send us a message and we'll see if we have the data feed to add it real-time.

From time to time the data feeds have problems or the chart widgets decide to go on strike. If you see any issues anywhere then flag it up with us either via the chat window (below right corner) or contact us via our secure email. We will endeavour to rectify the problem as quickly as we can.

Authored by David Gibson:

Authored by David Gibson:

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