Real-Time Current Gold Prices and Major Spot Prices

Displayed below are the current gold prices, showing real-time data streaming from leading market providers. Also included are prices for main commodities, major world indices & currencies.

All prices shown here are spot prices and displayed in USD. If you are after Futures pricing then you can find them here.

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Current Gold Prices & Main Commodities

See gold & silver in different currencies and weights.

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Major World Market Indices

Major Currency Exchange Rates

    USD to Main Western Currencies

  Main Western Currencies to USD

   USD to Main Rest of World Currencies

Main Rest of World Currencies to USD

Spot Markets Overview

If the data feeds aren't connecting as quickly as normal, then as a temporary measure click on the asset's name to open up the full interactive graph. The feeds and current gold prices will eventually establish in the background.

Also, if you feel that there is a data item missing that you believe would make an important addition to the prices already shown then please do contact us and I will review your suggestion and get back to you.

Commodities Overview

Included are the main physical commodities that traders refer to. The spots used for the current gold prices are XAUUSD and XAGUSD respectively.

WTI crude oil is the primary and normal oil price investors refer to. I have also included the Brent (ICE) crude oil is predominantly light crude oil mix from the North Sea which is considered a better type of oil and therefore usually carries a premium.

The Natural Gas spot price is from the Henry Hub (Wikipedia link) as they deal in the here and now. The natural gas spot prices for North America (and the rest of the world) are derived from here.

World Market Indices Overview

The indices listed above are the main world market indices that traders and financial institutions monitor. These are important as these movements can affect the current gold prices (both positively and negatively).

The chart default display is a 1 year view to give a cleaner perception of global economic trends.

Due to the major changes and upheavals going on behind the financial scene, I have included the Shanghai 'A Shares' and Moscow RTS markets. These aren't normally viewed and considered to be major markets by the financial institutions or traders around the world.

I believe this perception will change in the not too distant future due to mechanisms put in place, the volume of physical gold that they have been accumulating and the financial alliance created between them.

Major Currencies Overview

The currencies listed are considered the major players in global finance. I have listed them all in relation to and from the US Dollar.

This is because the US Dollar is still the reserve currency for the moment (watch out for the usurper - the Chinese Renminbi) and the primary reference point for exchanges.

Many of you will have noticed from the 2 tabs that the Chinese Renminbi has 2 different listings - CNH and CNY. The Renminbi is split into 2 currencies:

  • CNH - Is for foreign offshore trade only which is exchanged through Hong Kong
  • CNY - Is for domestic onshore use only 

There are strict exchange controls between the 2 forms and it's a cunning form of capital control designed to create a buffer and prevent massive cash flows into and out of the Chinese economy.

Also, standby for the Renminbi to be the currency to replace the US Dollar for quoting the spot gold and silver prices and for the Renminbi to become physically backed by gold bullion (Russia will also likely back their Ruble with physical gold bullion at the same time).

Interesting times ahead.

Authored by David Gibson:

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New! Comments

Have your say about what you just read! Leave me a comment in the box below.

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