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Our gold & silver futures prices and charts are streamed and updated in real-time from the leading market data providers. 

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Click on the values to see that commodity's mini-chart in the table.

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All prices shown here are futures prices and they are displayed in USD. Futures prices are normally different in price to the current spot prices which you can find on a this page.

There are a few seconds delay at first start-up as the connection is being established and the prices are being fetched below. All futures here are delayed by 10 minutes and updated every 30 seconds.

The charts default to 1 year, so if you want to see the daily chart just click on '1d' to change the chart's time line.


Gold & Silver Futures Prices

Main Commodity Futures Prices

Futures Prices Market Data

If the gold and silver futures prices aren't connecting quickly or there is a data issue, then just click on the asset's name to open up the full interactive graph and the summary feeds will eventually establish in the background.

When you hover over the name of each commodity name, the ticker symbol will be shown, so that you know which futures price is being tracked.

Futures contracts represent an agreement to purchase a certain amount of a certain commodity on a particular date known as 'delivery date'. This agreement is usually made 3 months in advance which is the typical life of a contract.

If you feel that other futures prices would be beneficial to add in addition to the ones shown, then please contact us and we will review your request and see if that it can be added to the above charts.

Source of The Gold and Silver Futures Prices

The majority of the prices are mainly sourced from either the COMEX or NYMEX (both of which are part of the CME Group) as they are the current principle drivers for commodity and precious metals futures price discovery.

The Future of Futures

The current financial system is built on a pile of paper IOU's and debt, instead of the "you either have it or you don't" mentality of yesteryear.

Contracts such as those used for silver futures prices are based on the intent (they say promise) to deliver at a later date.

However, it appears to be an ever increasing juggling act where more futures contracts are being created then can be delivered. The way that the people involved are managing and getting away with it so far is to convince you to either roll it over into the next contract or they force you to accept cash instead rather than deliver the physical goods. Even if you really need the physical product, like silver bullion, then you will still be forced to take cash due to the get out clause in the contract's small print.

Because there is no limit to how many imaginary numbers you can create, the current paper system has grown so huge it is hard to define. For example, just for derivatives alone there exists a total outstanding value of USD$ 1.4 Quadrillion!

I believe the gold and silver futures prices system will fail when the global economy starts to go down hill. People will either buy the bullion on the spot or group to take legal action about being forced to take cash.

If you prefer, we have a wide variety of real-time spot precious metals and commodities prices for you to access for free.

Authored by David Gibson:

Authored by David Gibson:

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