Gold Prices Today and Related Indices

Below are the spot gold prices today which are streamed real-time from leading market providers.

Also included are the main gold market indices on different tabs to help complete your picture of what is going on in the gold market in general.

For a page showing summaries of the main real-time prices of commodities, world markets and currencies then go to our spot prices page. If you want futures prices go here.


There are a few seconds delay at first start-up as the real-time connection is being established and the prices are being fetched below.

Spot Gold Prices Today and Main Gold Indices

Select any of the tabs along the top of the graph to see the main gold based indices, such as the VIX or HUI.

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Gold Market Indices Used

The gold prices today have a number of indices and financial instruments that are dependent upon it.

The number of these financial assets and entities have grown over the years to become a bewildering set of references that the majority of traders will never use or possibly even know about.

Even though I have used the primary ones I have provided links to various resources for you to peruse if you aren't familiar with them. The links are as follows:

Interactive Chart Available

For the spot price of gold, we also have for you an absolutely fantastic chart that is fully interactive which you are able to access.

In these charts you are able to:

  • Add an incredible array of financial indicators and theories to the charts
  • Look at any time-frame you wish to, not just the gold prices today
  • Choose any of 10 different line styles
  • Draw on the chart using over 50 special in-built tools so that you can do your own technical analysis and see if you are as accurate as the 'professionals'

I highly recommend that you give it a go as its capabilities are beyond many of those available on the internet.

Paper Gold Price Today-Cash Gold Price Tomorrow

There are some big moves and changes currently occurring in the global gold market.

The price of gold today is led by the West. This is now rapidly changing so that it'll one day be led by the East (China, Shanghai).

The primary reason for this is that the spot price for gold is being 'managed' by the West through the use of various paper mechanisms.

Whereas normally the price of anything should be derived from the balance of supply and demand, this is not the case for gold or silver. The prices for both precious metals are dislocated from the actual physical supply and demand numbers.

The Chinese understand that fiat currencies eventually fail. It is for this reason that over the last few decades they have been aggressively, but quietly, accumulating physical gold bullion.

They have also been establishing physical bullion cash markets in china and moved their banks into the LBMA to create a commanding position in the whole gold market.

China's moves are towards the actual cash spot price of bullion not and away from the current paper price. Eventually you will see the emancipation of physical bullion away from paper prices to cash prices under the guidance of China.

For a daily overview of precious metals spot prices, markets and currencies, our main spot prices page provides a good summary of movements or alternatively use our more comprehensive and interactive spot price gold chart.

Authored by David Gibson:

Authored by David Gibson:

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