An Online Gold Price Lower Than Anywhere Else (Probably)

You can benefit from our incredibly low online gold price in order to start buying small quantities of bullion within your budget or purchase more metal for your money.

Our Legacy Gold partnership has focused on order quantities starting at 1 gram and up to a maximum of 100 grams.

That focus means we can cut out all the unnecessary costs to ensure you get the best priced gold on the internet, and yet we still retain the ability to deliver to you, an efficient and well-organised professional precious metals service.

How We Achieve a Low Online Gold Price

Betts 10 gram bars at a low online gold price

Any purchases you make under 10 grams that are to be kept in our UK vault, will be held in the form of fine gold grain with a 999.9 fineness (purity). 

Buying and keeping gold in grain form means that the cost of casting the bar has not been added to the price of the gold you bought. So where other providers sell you manufactured bars and coins, you are then also paying extra to cover the manufacturing costs.

When your holding of stored gold reaches 10 grams or more, then your gold grains will be swapped for a bar by Betts refinery, at no extra cost to you!

If you request delivery and you hold less than 10 grams of gold, then you will be sent bars that equal the total weight of your current holding. For example, if you hold 1 gram of gold grain and want it delivered, you will be sent a 1 gram gold bar.

Limiting Quantities to Keep Costs Down

Maintaining a low online gold price to your benefit does in turn place a limit on how much can be bought any one time and in any single day.

If you want or need to buy more than the current limits, then it can be arranged. However, you will need written permission by the company.

The limitations for purchases through our Legacy Gold partnership, per client are:

  • The minimum purchase is 1 gram of gold.
  • The maximum single purchase is 100 grams of gold.
  • The maximum total purchase quantity per trading day is 100 grams of gold.
  • We only deal in multiples of whole gram units.

The reason for the above limitations is that going over a certain size triggers different (and more complicated) actions relating to Anti-Money Laundering and UK regulations.

Those extra regulations would mean extra administration and staffing costs, which in turn, will negatively affect our low online gold prices. As we want to make sure we offer the lowest price, we keep the maximum daily quantities per person below certain thresholds.

Easily open an account today and start buying precious metals to keep your savings outside the banking system.


The greatest test you can do to any precious metals company regarding your holding is to ask and do the following:

  • Can you visit and inspect the bullion stored for you in the vault?
  • Can you have your stored bullion delivered to you?

1)  Through Legacy Gold, you can visit and inspect your precious metals holding, but you need to hold a minimum of 0.5 kilos. That minimum is there to keep our whole vault administration and visit processing costs as low as possible (the greater the expense, the more our online gold price gets pushed up - and the idea is to keep it low!).

2)  You can ask for delivery any time to the address held in your client record.

Discover more about storing your bullion through Legacy Gold.

Your Statement of Holding

A statement of your updated gold bullion holding is included on your invoice whenever you place a new order.

You get a physical statement when your bullion is delivered to you, and you receive an electronic statement when your bullion is sent for storage in the vault.

Take Advantage of Our Low Online Gold Price

Low Online Gold Price

By passing all of the savings on to our customers, we ensure the best online gold price.

A great product, at a great price with great customer support will mean that customers will both buy again and recommend our online gold price to others. By our clients telling others, the company will receive evermore orders attributed to you.

If you are an affiliate with Legacy Gold then those extra orders will convert into a passive income stream for you. It could even be the start of a new business for you.

Open a customer account and take advantage of the affiliate program that you will find on the Legacy Gold site today - it's very easy to do with no risk to you at all!

Authored by David Gibson:

Authored by David Gibson:

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