Getting the Best Gold Price Today for 1-100 Grams

Our ability to provide you with the best gold price today anywhere on the internet is achieved through how your orders are processed and by focusing operational costs solely on small quantities of between 1-100 grams of fine gold bullion.

Your purchases are sold to you by weight (grams) rather than by monetary value and all trades or withdrawal requests through our Legacy Gold partnership may only be done in multiples of 1 gram.

So when you place your order to buy or sell, you enter the weight of bullion you want to trade and the value will then be calculated according to the gold price today. That price is fully inclusive of delivery and insurance, and where applicable, the first six months of storage costs.

Price Used When Buying from Us

It is our aim to give you the lowest online gold price you can find anywhere for amounts between 1-10 grams.

Part of that low price commitment is to use the 3pm London gold fix as our starting calculation point for any particular day that the UK gold market is open.

To that daily starting fix price, a percentage premium is added. The size of that premium is dependent upon your client status.

A Consultant has better buying rates (i.e. a lower premium added to the fix price) than both Customers and Affiliates, so be sure to choose to open an account type that suits you best.

Nevertheless no matter which account type you choose, Customers and Affiliates will still be getting rates that are lower than anywhere else on the internet.

Your purchases are processed as follows:

  • If your order is placed before 3pm UK time (+0hrs GMT), then the price you are given will use that same day's gold fix price.
  • If your order is placed after 3pm UK, then your order will be processed and charged using the following day's gold price fix.

Gold Price Today Used When You Sell

As long as you have never taken delivery of your gold bullion, or own Legacy Gold's 10 gram branded bars, then we will buy it back from you whenever you want.

When you do sell, we will buy it back from you at the gold price today using the 3pm fix rate for the day you action the sale.

Your realised funds from the sale will be transferred to your nominated bank account by the close of business of the next working day.

However, please note that for non-SEPA networked bank accounts, it may take a few days longer for the cash to arrive. The BACS/SWIFT network can take 3-5 working days for the transfer to complete.

Selling Gold that You Took Delivery Of

Gold that is kept in our private secure vaulting facility allows us, and the marketplace, to know that its chain of integrity has been maintained.

Keeping bullion within a recognised chain of integrity allows us to guarantee the price it is sold to us at, which will be the 3pm fix gold price today.

If you have taken delivery of the gold bullion you bought, such as a 1 gram or 10 gram bar, then we are unable to guarantee the price you will get when they are sold on the market.

Costs affecting the price of delivered bars will include independent assaying to check the bar's purity and possibly even re-refining costs.

The Displayed Gold Price Today

Legacy Gold price today logo

On the Legacy Gold website, you will find both the gold price today. The price is shown in real-time and reflect the real fluctuations throughout the global gold market.

However, those general market prices are just for your information. Your actual buy rates are also advertised and they include the premium as per your client status.

The final price you pay is automatically calculated and shown whenever you place an order to buy or sell.

Authored by David Gibson:

Authored by David Gibson:

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