1 Kg Silver Bullion Precious Metal Bars

We offer silver bullion precious metal cast bars in 1kg sizes. These bars are all produced by the world's top refiners and are available to you directly from our wholesale physical bullion markets.

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1 Kg Silver Bar Details

1kg 999 Metalor Silver Bullion Precious Metals Bar

Our 1 kg silver bars are cast to a minimum fineness of 999. Each bar carries the following markings:

  • Identifying refinery stamp
  • Weight
  • Fineness

The only market these bars are not available to trade on is London.

Silver Bullion Precious Metals Weight Conversion

For those that used to dealing in troy ounces rather than grams and kilograms, the metric to imperial conversions for the 1 kilo silver bar are:

  • 1 kilogram (1000 grams) = 32.151 troy ounces (Rounded up) 

For those used to metric weights; when doing any conversions to the imperial measurement of ounces, make sure that you use the values for Troy ounces, not just standard ounces as they are different weights and your calculations will be wrong.

Authenticity & Security

All of our silver bullion products supplied into the entire exchange come from pre-authorised liquidity providers. Each item has documentation that proves it has always been held in a secure environment and that is chain of integrity has not been compromised. The history of each item can be traced all the way back to the originating refiner.

To help further improve confidence in the products we offer we also employ Bureau Veritas to independently inspect and assay the stored silver bullion.

We offer many silver bullion precious metals products in several bar sizes and coins from around the world and our main products page contains the full list of physical bullion that you can buy worldwide through us.

Cast 1 Kg Silver Bars – Contract Specifications

Silver bullion precious metals products within the ABX Global market are traded according to a set of contract specifications. The following contract details are for our cast 1 kg silver bars:

Buy 1Kg Silver Bars
Description 1 kilogram (32.151 fine troy ounces) silver cast bar, of minimum fineness of 999, and bearing a serial number and identifying stamp of a refiner as per Appendix A Good Delivery Refiners.
Contract Size 1 Kg
Fineness 999
Price Quotation Currency AUD & USD
Price Quotation Unit 1 Troy Ounce
Tick Size $0.01 AUD & USD
Minimum Withdrawal Quantity 1 Bar (1 lot)
Minimal Deposit Quantity 1 Bar (1 lot)

Our precious metals brochure contains the product specifications for all of our products and also has Appendix A mentioned in the table.

Global Search Facility for 1 Kg Silver Bars

Our physical precious metals trading platform MetalDesk, has an integrated search function that allows you to easily locate the market that is offering the cheapest silver bullion precious metal products. This search function is a great way to get the same 1 kilo silver bar at a lower price or to increase the amount of metal you can buy for your investment.

  1. Scroll down the product list or sort by market location / metal type 
  2. Choose the silver bullion product you want to trade
  3. The box labelled Best Product Price will show the market with the cheapest product you selected, click on that box to go to that market
  4. Buy the silver to have it stored by default or request delivery
MetalDesk Screenshot of How to Buy Silver Bullion Precious Metals

You will need to open an account with us if you wish to start buying physical silver bullion. The process is very simple and only requires your basic details and ID.

If you have any queries before buying our 1kg silver bars, then please do contact us and we will be pleased to help.

Authored by David Gibson:

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