Our Pooled Bar Platinum Offer, the Easy Route to Phsycial Bullion Investing

Our pooled bar platinum offer allows you to purchase in quantities of 1/2 ounce units. Using a pooled bar facility is one of the easiest ways to start getting your money outside of the banking system and into physical precious metals assets that help to keep your money and wealth safe.

Please Note: This contract will be temporarily suspended from 5pm AEST Friday 29 July 2016. This is to help us focus on providing greater liquidity on our remaining products, as per client demand. See here for our remaining products.

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For platinum the smallest amount you can normally invest in is 1oz coins, however, with this pooled platinum allocated investment you are able to buy platinum in smaller and more financially reachable quantities we refer to as lots.

To find the list of precious metals we currently offer, go to our main products page for all metal types.

Buy 1/2oz Lots of Our Pooled Platinum Offer

What is a Pooled Platinum Bar?

A pooled platinum bar usually means that a large bar of platinum has been divided up into smaller units (lots) without physically breaking it up.

This system of investing into platinum offer investors a way to to buy into a whole physical platinum bar a lower cash amount by sharing the ownership with other investors, by way of lots. This means that more than 1 investor can be invested into each bar, with each lot contributing to the total cost of the bar. These whole bars are pre-supplied by the market’s liquidity providers, so they already fully exist before any initial investment is made. This means that each 1/2 ounce lot is fully allocated with physical platinum.

But to make the investment prices as low as possible, we have approached this in a slightly different manner...

How We Provide You with the Cheapest High Quality Platinum Worldwide

Liquidity providers put all and any sized bars of platinum that they have lying around in their refinery into our market vaults. Think of them as 'knick-knacks' that other bullion providers aren't so interested in. All of what is added into the exchange's vaults must meet the minimum purity levels for this contract. The amount of physical platinum knick-knacks stored in our vaults always matches the quantity that investors have purchased.

Once an investor has accrued 200 troy ounces and they want to take delivery of their holding, then a liquidity provider will swap out the 200oz worth of random knick-knack bars and replace it and deliver to you a single 200 ounce platinum bar.

This allows our pooled platinum offer to be the cheapest platinum investment you can get, because we are initially seeding the pooled contract with high quality low demand items, which means they have the lowest premiums attached to them. And all this is done whilst ensuring that all client holdings always absolutely fully allocated.

Buying into a pooled bar of smaller sized units in no way diminishes the fact that the 1/2 ounce lot of platinum bullion is still your private property and is 100% fully allocated.

This is just a simple way to help people achieve a safe and cost-effective way of buying into physical platinum bullion and having the additional bonus of having it vaulted overseas, safe from potential risks inside their own country.

About the 200 Ounce Platinum Bar

All of our deliverable platinum bars are cast and weigh 200 troy ounces each. They are all refined and produced to be at a minimum fineness of 999.5 (99.95% purity).

To ensure our 1/2 oz pooled platinum offers you the best quality, we source them from LBMA refiners that supply the massive global institutional wholesale precious metals network formed by the Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX). By doing this we are able to guarantee you the quality of the platinum making up the pooled contract which you are able to buy at the lowest price premiums and the smallest price spreads in the industry.

The ABX sources its platinum from several different refineries around the world directly supplying the markets to ensure the greatest possible level of liquidity. The full list of liquidity providers can be found in Appendix A of our precious metals brochure.

The pooled precious metals bars are available for purchase worldwide except for one country market:

  • Dubai

They are also privately vaulted for you as part of the global ABX storage network.

Contract Specifications for the Pooled 1/2oz Platinum Offer

These are the physical contract specifications for the pooled platinum bar 1/2 ounce contracts. We have explained each part of the contract for anyone that is unfamiliar with any section or terminology.

Buy Platinum Coins
Description 1/2 fine ounce platinum Pooled contract, consisting of platinum cast bars of minimum fineness of 999.5, and bearing a serial number and identifying stamp of a refiner as per Appendix A* Good Delivery Refiners.
Contract Size 1 Troy Ounce
Fineness 999.5
Price Quotation Currency AUD & USD
Price Quotation Unit 1 Troy Ounce
Tick Size $0.01 AUD & USD
Minimum Withdrawal Quantity 200 Troy Ounces (1 lot)
Minimal Deposit Quantity 200 Troy Ounces (1 lot)

Our bullion catalogue has a full list of physical contract specifications that cover all of our globally traded physical precious metals products and Appendix A showing the Good Delivery refiners.

The Ease of Buying Platinum with GoldVu

We have pooled platinum bars available at 8 of our 9 worldwide precious metals markets and at any one time each of them will display slightly different prices. So how do you find the cheapest one?

You do the following:

  1. Sort to show platinum and desired market location (or just scroll down the full products list)
  2. Pick the platinum product you are interested to buy
  3. Click the box 'Best Product Price' to take you to the market location with the cheapest platinum offer price
  4. Buy the platinum product then choose to have it delivered or privately vaulted
How to Find the Cheapest Platinum Offer Globally

Seen an Easier Way?

I'd be surprised if you have. How much easier can it be to find and select the best platinum offer worldwide?

To start your precious metals investing with 1/2oz lots of physical platinum at a time, simply open a holding with GoldVu and begin moving your funds outside the banking system.

Authored by David Gibson:

Authored by David Gibson:

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