Private Storage & Custodial Services Discount for Visiting Vault After Buying a Gold Bar / Silver

After buying a gold bar (1kg, 10oz) or silver bar (100oz) we offer you an industry first by giving you the opportunity to reduce our private custodial storage fees. You achieve this discount if you perform a personal visit to the vault in order to inspect and audit your physical precious metals Holding.

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This discount applies to the fees for both private investor and corporate entity Central Holdings.

So Why the Discount for Personally Visiting Your Holdings?

Unfortunately there are many bad actors out there that are all too happy to take your money and then not actually buy & vault allocated physical bullion in return.

In 2007 Morgan Stanley settled a class-action lawsuit against them as they had been charging their clients storage and insurance fees for physical bullion that they said they had bought, but as it turns out – the bullion never really existed. For a better understanding about the case, take a look at Ted Butler's article.

So when you are buying a gold bar to be privately vaulted on a safe custody basis, how can GoldVu provide you with Peace of Mind that the physical bullion is really there and allocated?

It's rather easy to, wave audit certificates at you and say:

"'s all there - Trust us!"

However, there is always that question mark over the reality of 'Is it really all there?'

The above is the primary reason that we want you to personally visit the vaults to inspect your Central Holding, and in return we will give you a discount off our custodial storage fees.

Create a Central Holding - Get Buying a Gold Bar & Visit the Vault

Benefits of Visiting

By personally auditing your own precious metals the following benefits are achieved:

  1. You will have absolute proof that your precious metals really do physically exist
  2. You know that any precious metal scandals don't apply to your Central Holding
  3. You are comfortable in leaving your precious metals vaulted, whilst others are selling or panicking over potential missing bullion over a major scandal, such as what happened with Morgan Stanley clients (I suspect many other similar cases will soon come to light, such as gold and silver ETFs)
  4. Helps to form unequivocal trust between us, that we really do physically store your precious metals on a safe custody basis when you buy through us
  5. Helps to instil best practice in you by getting you to inspect & audit your own physical precious metals
  6. Places GoldVu beyond reproach in a high value industry that is often targeted by nefarious people and organisations
  7. Creates confidence that we are a professional business that has your best interests at heart, which helps to form a long-term relationships between us
  8. You get a fee discount and save money each and every year on your custodial storage costs

As far as I am aware:

No-one else in the entire global precious metals industry offers such an incentive!

...makes you wonder why not.

Furthermore, you'll have fun finding out what it's like to visit a high security vault.

To see the discounts you can receive, visit the fees & discount page that best applies to you below, or view all our main fees:

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Visiting the Vaults After Buying a Gold Bar

The Allocated Bullion Exchange's global network of vaults are all owned by specialised private vault providers. These vault providers are amongst the best and most highly regarded in the industry.

The 3 companies that are part of the ABX vaulting network are:

  1. Malca-Amit
  2. Loomis International
  3. Armaguard (Australia only)

So after buying a gold bar you want to see it, touch it and get a discount on your custodial storage fee - how do you go about doing it?

Just contact GoldVu:

  • Tell us which vault you want to visit
  • Give your preferred date (notice of at least 7 working days)
  • Provide details (& ID) of who will be attending the vault

We will then arrange and confirm it all with the vault provider. Once confirmed, you can then book your travel arrangements and enjoy the experience of visiting a high security vault.

Please note that visiting facilities don't exist at the Australian Armaguard vaults.

Remember your Holding needs to be physically segregated before it's eligible for personal inspection and audit - as how are either of us to know which exact bars are yours?

When buying a gold bar - and silver & platinum – you should always have confidence that it’s really there. We want you to have that confidence about us and our custodial storage services.

Create a Central Holding, choose which Holding best suits you:

Authored by David Gibson:

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› Vault Visit Fee Discount

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