1Kg Cast 9999 Gold Bar

The 1kg cast 9999 Gold Bar is available on our international precious metals markets worldwide for you to buy, sell, store or withdraw.

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Our gold bullion carries the lowest premiums and price spread in the industry due to the wholesale institutional nature of our markets. Our trading platform allows you to identify the cheapest bars throughout our global system and then buy it. This combination allows you to make significant savings on your purchases and offers the potential to buy more metal for the same level of investment.

Characteristics of the Cast 1Kg 9999 Gold Bar

1Kg 9999 Gold Bar

Each 9999 kilo gold bar carries the following markings:

  • Identifying stamp
  • Weight
  • Fineness
  • Assayers stamp
  • Unique serial number

We also offer a 1 kilo 995 gold bar on our Dubai and Istanbul markets.

Our main products page shows the various physical precious metals products that are available to you to buy.

1Kg 9999 Gold Bar – Contract Specifications

Products traded on the ABX Global markets are done so under contractual conditions. The contract specifications for the 1 kilogram 9999 gold bar are listed in the table below. If you are unfamiliar or unsure of any of the terminology used then see our description and explanations of the various points.

You can view the contact specification details in our precious metals catalogue for all the physical bullion products available on our markets. The catalogue also contains the Appendix A mentioned in the table description.

Buy 1Kg 9999 Gold Bars
Description 1 Kilogram (32.151 fine troy ounces) gold cast bar, of minimum fineness 999.9, and bearing a serial number and identifying stamp of as per Appendix A Good Delivery Refiners.
Contract Size 1 Kg
Fineness 999.9
Price Quotation Currency AUD & USD
Price Quotation Unit 1 Troy Ounce
Tick Size $0.01 AUD & USD
Minimum Withdrawal Quantity 1 Bar (1 lot)
Minimal Deposit Quantity 1 Bar (1 lot)

Metric conversion into imperial Troy Ounces

 For any unfamiliar with imperial weights, make sure that you use the values for Troy Ounces not just standard ounces as they are different weights.

  • 1 kilogram (1000 grams) = 32.151 troy ounces (rounded up)

Eligible for Use as Collateral to Raise Funds

You can pledge your 1kg 9999 gold bar as collateral to raise funds to be used in other investments. This pledging process is made available by the ABX in the form of Electronic Vault Warrants (eVW).

All bullion items that have been pledged cannot be traded (i.e. sold by you or anyone else) or moved until the terms of the Warrant have been settled. At all times when the bullion has been pledged, you continue to hold title to that product and the bullion remains fully allocated.

Use of the eVWs provides you options with your physical precious metals that aren’t normally available to you through other providers, giving you the ability to make your physical bullion ‘work’ for you like other asset classes.

At no point during the collateral pledge do you lose legal title of direct ownership over the gold bullion bar. Only its sale & movement is restricted under the terms of the collateral contract for its duration in order to prevent misuse / fraudulent activities occurring of our collateral facilities.

Quality & Assurance

To ensure consistently high quality, authenticity and liquidity of the products available to you, the 1kg 9999 gold bar offered on the Allocated Bullion Exchange are poured by LBMA approved precious metals refiners.

Furthermore all of our gold bullion has documented proof showing its movements and storage locations all the way back to the originating refiner. This ensures that we can guarantee that our products have always been maintained in a secure chain of integrity.

Taking this further still, the exchange employs Bureau Veritas, which is the largest and leading quality testing company in the world, to assay our bullion to give an extra layer of protection and peace of mind.

If you have any queries about our 1kg gold bars then please do contact us.

You can gain direct access to and trade on the international physical precious metals markets when you go through the simple process of opening an account with GoldVu.

Authored by David Gibson:

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