Pooled 400 Oz Gold Bar as 1/2 Ounce Investment Units

Start buying 1/2 ounce lots in a pooled 400 oz gold bar as  great way to begin small investments into physical precious metal bullion. The 1/2 oz units provide an affordable route to protecting your money at minimal values. This contract is only available to be purchased on the Australian wholesale bullion market. The USD's current strength offers a great Forex opportunity due to this investment being available in AUD only.

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Pooled bars are a great addition to any precious metals holdings as it provides you with greater flexibility when wanting to liquidate a small amount of physical bullion for other uses. If you only held 1 kg bars then you would need to sell the entire bar even if you only wanted to realise a small portion of it as cash. Pooled units allow you to manage any selling of your holdings in more exact quantities.

What is a Pooled Gold Bar?

400 oz Gold Bar at 995 Fineness

A pooled bar is where a single bar can be owned by multiple people at the same time. This is achieved by dividing up a large bar into smaller equal units (but not physically). These smaller units (lots) are then bought up by investors and you can keep increasing your share of the bar until you own the entire bar. That way you can start with a small investment value, with the ultimate objective of increasing your savings incrementally over months and years.

What We Do to Make it as Cheap as Possible for You

For all of our other wholesale bullion items visit our primary precious metals page.

To further help reduce your costs of buying gold bullion, the way our pooled contracts work is that the Allocated Bullion Exchange's liquidity providers add any and all types of gold bars into our vaults, but they must all be of a minimum fineness of 995.

These various oz gold bar sizes they provide are not in high demand by the markets or other bullion providers, which means that they have a very low premium attached to them, so you get an even better bargain.

Once you have accumulated all 400 ounces of the pooled contract and all at the same vault location, you can then make a withdrawal. When you request a withdrawal, a liquidity provider will swap out 400 ounces worth of the various sized gold bars and replace it with a single 400 oz gold bar, which then gets sent to you (if you want to take it out of the vault).

Buying a share of a gold bar in no way diminishes the fact that your 1/2 ounce lots are still your private property and is always 100% fully allocated!

This is just a simple way to help people achieve a dream of owning physical precious metals they maybe otherwise couldn't have.

If you feel that even 1/2 an ounce of gold is still to much for you to invest in then you should consider our silver equivalent, which offers 1 ounce pooled lots (at the current prices that is around 30x cheaper per lot purchase than the gold pool).

Pooled 400 oz Gold Bar - Contract Specifications

ABX Global has defined the details of what the products traded on the exchange must adhere to. The contract specifications for the pooled gold bars are in the table below. See our explanations for terminology contained with the table. Our precious metals list / brochure contains all of the details for each of the exchange's physical bullion items. The brochure also contains Appendix A as mentioned in the below table description.

Buy 1/2 Ounce of Gold
Description 1/2 fine troy ounce gold pooled contract, consisting of gold cast bars with a minimum fineness of 995. Bearing a serial number and identifying stamp of a refiner as per Appendix A Good Delivery Refiners.
Contract Size 1/2 Troy Ounce
Fineness Minimum 995
Price Quotation Currency AUD
Price Quotation Unit 1 Troy Ounce
Tick Size $0.01 AUD
Minimum Withdrawal Quantity 400 Troy Ounces (800 lots)
Minimal Deposit Quantity 400 Troy Ounces (800 lots)

To start investing into physical gold bullion, silver or platinum you only need to perform 2 simple steps to create an account with us and you can then begin moving your money out of the banking system.

Authored by David Gibson:

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