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The World's Portal to the Allocated Bullion Exchange:

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BullionCoin: The New Gold Standard

BullionCoin changes the meaning of currency to one that hasn't existed for nearly a century. It is not a fiat currency, but one that is fully backed by 100% allocated physical precious metals. Each BullionCoin is a redeemable electronic Bearer's Title of Ownership to the gold and silver backing it. Investors that hold them, are able to trade these Bearer Titles with others in the same way that unbacked fiat currency is.

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This is a new digital asset that is about to be widely adopted by large mainstream international financial institutions, companies and individuals alike.

BullionCoin is a digital currency backed by 100% allocated physical gold and silver bullion on a 1:1 basis.

A Digital Currency Fully Backed by Physical Gold & Silver Bullion

Whether you think you know about cryptocurrencies or not, it's important to understand what separates BullionCoin from the other digital currencies. This is something new!

BullionCoin has been carefully designed to be compatible with the monetary needs of the global financial markets, companies and private individuals. The central design tenant is that it fully backed by physical gold and silver bullion. Gold & silver has been used as money and as a means of storing value for over 5000 years. Over those millennia, no other asset has been able to similarly provide the necessary characteristics to match them.

The BullionCoin Exchange (BCX) and the Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX) have both set out to unite the physical precious metals and global financial markets by using digital blockchain technologies. Together they have created a seamless and fully integrated trading platform that allows participants to access both of their exchanges.

This extremely well engineered technological solution, will deliver a level of liquidity and stability into the global economy not seen before.

BullionCoin Exchange (BCX)

To help facilitate liquidity, monetary velocity, institutional uptake and trading:

  • BCX created 2 exchanges dedicated to the creation and trading of this digital currency
  • The physical precious metals bought to back this digital currency is vaulted in the ABX's global vaulting network

Primary Wholesale Institutional Market

The primary market is where physical bullion is bought & traded in wholesale quantities and then used to create digital precious metals coins which can then be sold either to other primary market participants or into the secondary market.

Create a MetalDesk account to access this market and buy physical precious metals contracts.

Retail Market for Investors & Merchants

The secondary market is where this digital currency is sold into, to be traded or transacted by companies, merchants & individuals. Use BullionCoins for everyday transactions or to secure your money in a safe & stable liquid asset.

Open a BullionCoin Wallet and download the Apps to make purchases & transfers or become a merchant.


Asset Managers and investors can use both markets to their advantage. You are able to generate a perpetual yield that is linked to the coins you create in the primary market, which you then sell into secondary market. for short-term / overnight parking of capital in a stable & liquid asset.

This digital currency has been designed for typical currency transactions and short-term holdings via the BCX secondary retail market. This makes it ideal for short-term / overnight parking of capital for Asset Managers looking for a stable and liquid asset that has very low counterparty risk.

If you want to buy and hold physical precious metals to hold on a long-term basis for wealth protection, you should use our Allocated Bullion Exchange accounts instead. Consider opening an account for each, so you can store your savings in precious metals with the ABX and whenever you need extra currency for your transactions, all you have to do is to transfer some of your stored metal to the BCX in order to mint some more coins.

The Launch of BullionCoin and BCX's Exchanges is Going to Happen Soon

To kick-start the generation of liquidity, as a founding participant, you will receive a special yield rate (double the standard rate), as a continuous revenue stream for the coins you created during the founding investment time frame. Your revenue stream will continue for the lifetime of the coins that you created (i.e. until they are redeemed for physical).

Don't miss that incredible founding opportunity and create a MetalDesk account now before the launch so you start buying physical precious metals today to take advantage of the price dip.

Contact us now to find out more about how you, as an Investor or Asset Manager can secure a free & indefinite revenue stream that is based on the digital coins you create.

By becoming a Primary participant, YOU will generate a lifetime yield just by simply creating & selling this asset

Simple Summary of How It All Works

The following is a simple overview of the whole BCX and BullionCoin process:

  1. Primary market participants buy physical precious metals at the wholesale contract rates & hold Title of Ownership to it
  2. Those participants then authorise for BullionCoins to be created/minted against their precious metals
  3. Minting / creating BullionCoins is just a process of digitisation of the Title of Ownership to that metal
  4. Primary market participants then sell those digital coins into the secondary (retail) market
  5. That sale, is the selling of the Title of Ownership from the primary market participant to multiple retail investors
  6. The digital coins that those investors now hold, act as an electronic Bearer's Title to the physical gold & silver that's backing it
  7. Coin holders can use them in transactions and trades, in the same way that you use fiat currency
  8. As the coins are electronic Bearer's Titles to the physical precious metals backing them, investors holding those coins can then redeem them at any time in exchange for the equivalent quantity of physical gold & silver that those coins represent

Types of BullionCoins

There are going to be 2 types of digital coins:

  • Gold
  • Silver
BullionCoin cryptocurrency fully backed by physical precious metalsThe New Gold Standard

The Gold BullionCoin will be backed by 1 gram of physical gold with a purity of 9999 and the Silver BullionCoin will be backed by 50 grams of physical silver with a purity of 999.

Redeem Your Digital Currency Back Into Physical

All holders of this digital currency are able to redeem them back into physical precious metals. So for each gold coin you redeem you get 1 gram of physical gold and for each silver coin you get 50 grams of physical silver.

If a large quantity of gold or silver is redeemed then you can get its equivalent sized bar. For example, 1000 gold coins will be equal to a 1 kilo gold bar.

Pricing on the BullionCoin Exchange

Each coin represents physical grams of gold or silver, the base value of the coin will not drop below the spot price for allocated physical gold or silver. The coin's inherent stability is derived from being directly linked to a fixed, measurable and known physical quantity of precious metals.

In the incredible event that it does drop below the physical spot price, then you are presented with an enviable opportunity to buy physical gold and silver at a discounted price! However, I can't envisage a scenario where this might happen because market forces wouldn't allow it (we can only wish).

Transferring Your Existing Physical Precious Metals Into BullionCoin

Contact us so we can discuss your existing physical gold and silver holdings.

Many people already hold and store physical gold and silver. If that applies to you, then consider adding it directly into BCX and turning its title of ownership into an electronic format to then use as a currency.

Why convert it back into the fiat currency you got out of, just to re-buy it again?

Doing that means you will have effectively suffered 3 sets of costs, when you should only pay for it once:

  1. The original buy cost/fee
  2. The sale cost/fee
  3. The re-purchase cost/fee

Plus you will lose money on the offered sell and buy prices.

However, how it has been stored will dictate how easy you can transfer it into the BCX. This is because the BCX needs to ensure that all the precious metals it vaults and backing BullionCoin are 100% authentic and not tampered with in anyway. ABX & BCX will not expose any of its participants/users to the risk of counterfeit or fraud, so they always take the very secure, conservative approach when accepting your precious metals.

We will look at quantities from ozs to tonnes. Contact us to discuss further.

Changing the Way Money Exists

There are two aspects to our present monetary system:

  1. A very old & inefficient system that is sustained and easily manipulated by the incumbent banking system
  2. Nascent but highly efficient financial technological solutions whose implementation is being driven by people that recognise the old banking system is broken and no longer offers value

People and companies have had enough of the old inefficient banking system and are revolting against it by actively seeking new ways to efficiently transact business and money.

This rally against the banks is why the cryptocurrency / digital currency market has rapidly grown to over USD$100 billion in just a short space of time.

However, the growth of this new digital currency has been stunted by various design limitations and technological teething problems. Nearly everyone can see and understand its future place in the world as an integral part of our financial lives, but many are worried about suffering losses, whether due to software bugs, hacks and market volatility (and quite rightly so).

This is why for all its spectacular growth and potential benefits, the world's markets which are worth quadrillions of US Dollars are reluctant to use it.

So how the problem is how to get around this impasse and what advantages & benefits does that bring to BullionCoin?

The Safest & Least Volatile Digital Currency

Two of the important factors that many people such as Asset Managers and investors consider in an asset, is its price volatility and its safety.

As a digital currency asset 100% backed by physical precious metals, BullionCoin addresses both of these concerns.

Investors have reduced risk and exposure to the staggering price volatility that plagues other cryptocurrencies, whilst Asset Managers are able to use the stability and safety that physical bullion brings to park money overnight in a deeply liquid currency that does not carry the high counterparty risks that are associated with bonds.

The liquidity is made available by the built-in incentives to create liquidity in the first place and to then generate velocity in the turnover of its market capitalisation. Furthermore for any currency to be successfully widely used and adopted, it needs to be a safe, stably priced liquid asset.

Financial Incentives for Everyone at All Levels to Use BullionCoin

The problem with anything new and old, is getting people to use it. To achieve this, the 'thing' you are trying to get them to use primarily needs to provide a solution to their problem and secondly, reward them for their effort.

BullionCoin's advantages & benefits to everyone using it are multiple. Here's a small list:

  • Cannot be manipulated by banks, markets or investors
  • Near instantaneous international payments (about 4 seconds to lock into a blockchain ledger)
  • Very low transaction costs
  • No counter party risk
  • Immunity from bank holidays and financial crises
  • Price stability
  • Safety

No restrictions on how you can use your money or how much you're allowed to access

It also comes with financial incentives and rewards in the form of receiving a free income stream, forever! (No joke, con or Ponzi – it's the real deal). This is due to the transaction fees charged to the buyer will always be divided up between the relevant participants:

  • Primary market participants will be paid a portion of every transaction fee that relates to the specific coins they created.

The primary participant's revenue is received forever!

  • Merchants accepting BullionCoin payments will always be paid for each transaction they receive.

Normally merchants have to pay the bank 2-4% of the transaction value, instead the merchants will be paid an income, which will likely be a world first!

Minting (Creation) Liquidity

The production of digital coins will not be capped as the amount in circulation is purely dependent upon the quantity of physical precious metals bought by investors. Furthermore, a cap will only serve to create an artificial marketplace and pricing which none of us want as there is already far too much manipulation and artificial pricing in markets around the world. What we need is for an asset that is priced purely by natural market forces.

This way the value of 1 coin is easily calculated and known and there is no artificial premium inserted based on a limited supply. Traders, asset managers and institutions can therefore buy as little or as much as they want, based upon the physical precious metals supply added to the primary market and resold into the secondary market.

There will not be an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). ICO's are used as a way for companies to raise capital for its launch, operations and continued development. The company behind BullionCoin, Digital Gold Ltd, is well capitalised and does not need an ICO money injection. However, to entice investors to generate the initial liquidity, Founding Investors will be offered a special rate on the yield of the coins they minted during that founding investment window.

For anyone interested in minting / creating new coins, you will need to become a member of the primary market. It is there that you will be able to buy already mined physical bullion which you can then mint into coins.

The BullionCoin Debit Card

The majority of users of will perform their transactions via the mobile or online payment applications.

However, as mobile payments still haven't been fully adopted worldwide, you are able to get a BullionCoin debit card and use it worldwide similar to the way you currently use Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc. This will be initially given for free to high value accounts only, due to the cost of issuing the card. There may be a possibility that the cards could eventually be bought by people using BullionCoin, but those costs haven't been confirmed yet.

It's unique in that you can use it for any local currency without having to first pre-sell your precious metals holding before using it. When payments are processed at the point of sale, the exchange rate for local currency vs allocated gold or silver is automatically calculated and the equivalent amount of bullion is debited from your e-wallet account.

No other "physical precious metals" debit cards are directly linked in this way to their bullion account. Other providers need you to first sell your gold and silver, after which you then have to transfer/load the realised cash onto your card.

The BullionCoin card is a genuine revolution in physical bullion card payments.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Cryptocurrency exchanges are at the mercy of the high volatility found in the cryptocurrency markets. When digital currencies flash crash then liquidity is sucked out of the system.

It's not a situation that is conducive to their short-term survival or long-term market growth. BullionCoin brings a much needed and critical level of stability to these crypto exchanges.

It provides the investors a safe haven for their money in a volatile environment and prevents these exchanges from having their liquidity withdrawn which further seizes up the market and exacerbates the problem.

It is the final critical component that these exchanges are looking for to be able to start directly challenging the mainstream exchanges that use traditional fiat money. This will change the role and position of cryptocurrency exchanges.

With investors being able to access & reinvest into a stable digital asset, everyone wins.

Furthermore, participating crypto exchanges may well create their own Tertiary BullionCoin market whereby you will be able trade them for other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. You'll need to contact any participating crypto exchange to see if they have plans to offer that service.

Create an account to buy and trade physical precious metals

Anyone wishing further information about how to become a founding participant of this new digital asset, then please contact us or sign up for our Newsletter. Open a Wallet so you can see your balance & your daily added earnings and download the mobile Apps or get the link to view via the BCX online platform.

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Have your say about what you just read! Leave me a comment in the box below.

Please Note: All comments are moderated and manually reviewed for spam. In turn, your comment may take up to 24 hours to be posted. also reserves the right to edit comments for grammar and spelling errors.

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