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Our precious metals and gold coin exchange is the world’s first and leading electronic institutional wholesale trading platform for physical bullion.

Open a demonstration account (below) to see how easy it is to buy and sell gold bullion, silver and platinum which you can then choose to have privately vaulted or delivered to you. You will also discover how easy it is search for the cheapest products in the world to save you money.

Our exchange incorporates 9 precious metals marketplaces, 7 of which are largest global bullion trading hubs. All of them are conveniently accessed through our dedicated on-line physical precious metals trading platform, MetalDesk, which you will be using in your demo.

For more information about how the precious metals and gold coin exchange works, visit our page about the Allocated Bullion Exchange.

Start buying physical precious metals and open a live account.

Open a Precious Metals & Gold Coin Exchange Demo Account

The 3 details you enter below are used to login to your demo account. The welcome & confirmation e-mail you receive includes your entered details for future reference. We will never give your details to anyone. We will only use them to contact you for your feedback and thoughts, nothing more.

Your demo account comes pre-funded with $500,000 so have fun…

Try a Demo of the Physical Bullion Trading Platform:

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To login to an existing demo account, click the Vu Demo logo:

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Please Note:

1.  It can take a few seconds for the platform to load-up so don't think that it's crashed if it stays on a grey screen for a moment - it's just establishing a connection with the markets.

2. The demo version uses most of the live ABX market data, but doesn't accurately reflect it as there are pricing & liquidity discrepancies between the demo and live versions. This is because each demo account is funded with virtual USD $500,000 and AUD $500,000. This extra cash liquidity on top of the live market cash liquidity creates demo market price distortions.

3.  The demo execution fees are defaulted to 1.0% by the ABX's general demo system. The fees in the demo accounts are not reflective of our actual live fees

4. The demo account expires after 30 days.

The precious metals and gold coin exchange trading platform is simple and intuitive to use. Take a look at our MetalDesk Quick Guide to see how to perform actions such as changing between the 11 major global USD markets and the 5 Australian national AUD markets.

If there is any action you aren't sure about, then contact us and we will be happy to help you and walk you through the steps.

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If you like what you have seen with the demo version then why not open a live physical precious metals account for free, with no minimum balance or trading obligation, and start investing into physical gold bullion, silver and platinum to get your money out of the banking system.

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