Setting up an International Company That Allows You to Buy Gold and Silver Bullion

GoldVu was built as an international company for investors to buy gold and silver bullion online, and it’s been enormous fun to create and not as difficult as you may imagine.

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I have found that going through the process of creating an online business to work for myself has been a very rewarding and fulfilling experience.

It's something I recommend that everyone should do.

Creating a Business to Help Buy Gold and Silver Bullion

The subject of your potential business doesn't matter, be it a travel site, dog grooming, music or providing investors a way to buy gold and silver bullion – you will find that the process to get it up and running and achieve success is still the same.

I want to show you how to do this in the easiest & most cost effective way, and you'll be happy to hear you don't need any special skills, knowledge or experience to pull it off.

The most important things you need are already inside you;   Brain, Attitude and Motivation.

The rest of what you will see are just simple tools to help you do the job that can be utilised by anyone without prior knowledge.

I used these exact same tools & processes to:

  • Identify my angle (market niche)
  • Research what people were looking for online (find high demand keywords)
  • Identify the least competitive keywords (the ones you want to target)
  • Design the website (remember no prior technical experience required)
  • Write & create quality webpages that rank highly on the internet
  • Develop and build ways to monetise incoming traffic 

The above is just a summary of  what I've achieved, there's much more that you'll learn that I am pleased to share as it got me to where I am today, which is giving people everywhere the opportunity to buy gold and silver bullion internationally.

There is absolutely no reason why you also can’t do the same so that you too can enjoy a fantastic & prosperous future.

But Why Show You How I Created an International Company to Buy Gold and Silver Bullion?

It's quite simply because:

I want everyone to have the chance to lead and enjoy a happy & successful life.

With all of the various increasing financial hardships that are being brought upon people in today's world, I just want to do my part in giving everyone the best opportunity to take charge of their lives.

I want you to also to be able to create & run your own profitable online business, so that you too can experience the benefits from it and be rewarded for your time and effort above & beyond what you get from working for someone else.

I've found that this reward isn't just financial, but also brought to my life a whole range of unexpected benefits that you too will encounter.

To help give you the best chance to do this, I am going to show you how I built GoldVu in a way that you can apply to any business topic you want to pursue (demand dependent) and not just as a way to buy gold and silver bullion.

I'll freely share with you something that will not only help you personally develop as an individual but also to contribute towards securing you and your family's future, as I find it a shame that so many people are so focused and absorbed on their own growth that they never take the time to help another.

So here I am, holding the torch to lead you forwards.

Not Sure This is Going to be Right for You?

This I can understand. It took me nearly 2 years to research this route before I became convinced of the astonishing potential that developing your own online business has and that it's the way forward for my clients to buy gold and silver bullion.

In fact, I'm convinced that the potential for an online business is greater than just a standard offline business (combining both only increases the effects).

My advice to you is to simply learn about this more as it can be a life changing experience, so keep an open mind.

So Who Is This Aimed At?

People that are:

  • Slightly interested in building an online business
  • Considering how to make money online
  • Seriously looking for ways to make money online
  • Wondering why their effort with their website is not reflecting in traffic or income
  • Looking at a way to change their employment situation and improve their quality of life
  • Have an offline business and are looking for a way to create / grow your online presence

Clearing Up a Potential Misconception

This is not a 'Get-Rich-Quick' scheme.

So many people strangely seem to think that an online business is somehow easy and differently managed to an offline business. It's not!

Most of you are aware that to build a successful offline business (i.e. a shop on the street) takes a lot of hard work. An online business requires the same level of attention and effort.

A business is a business!! It doesn't matter what form it takes.

The problem with online businesses is that many fail to be a success because of the approach taken. People think they know how to do it (stick up a website and wait for the money to come in) and then wonder why it's not going anywhere.

You can model your approach on how I've done it. Remember that this can be applied to any business subject not just on providing the ability to buy gold and silver bullion.

What's Involved?

To create a successful high traffic website that can easily sit in the top tier of websites is not a quick and effortless task. Just like every business, it takes time and an attitude (persistence) to succeed and overcome problems. Your primary challenge will normally be personal motivation and persistence to carry and make a success of it - the tools available to you to achieve that are easy to understand and use.

As with any business, you need to perform your due diligence on whether your idea has the potential to generate the profit you want. This research and planning is critical to do before you try to start your venture online - all of which is easily performed through SBI!

Once you are in a position to monetise your website, you can then go down the route of registering a company or continue to work on a self-employed basis (create a company sooner if you want to lock in a specific company name or you feel it's operations require it).

I hope you take the time to read & consider setting your own online business as it can set your life in fantastic new direction you've only dreamed about so far.

If you have any questions about this then please do contact me for more information.

Yours faithfully,

David Gibson

Managing Director

Authored by David Gibson:

Authored by David Gibson:

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