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Important Notice on BullionCoin following its launch on 15 August:

BullionCoin and the Allocated Bullion Exchange have been collaborating closely with each other until it's launch in order to deliver a gold & silver backed digital currency.

However, a few minutes after BullionCoin's website went live, the ABX issued a statement announcing it was withdrawing from its collaboration with BullionCoin citing several reasons.

You can read ABX's full statement here. You can read BullionCoin's reply to ABX's statement here.

Whilst this unfolds, I am going to treat the information as objectively as I can, and so should you.

I strongly suspect it may well turn out to be a storm in a tea cup and not actually be anywhere near as drastic as it sounds, and BullionCoin could well become the digital currency we all want it to be.

Things like this often happen in business and it should not reflect poorly on either party as they both have a great product.

I have spoken to Thomas Koenye, the co-founder of BullionCoin, and it looks like ABX's statement may have been unfairly issued and there are some areas that need clarification which I have added as a pre-face to ABX's statement. Thomas' reply is here.

However, as my primary and overriding concern is the safety and security of client and potential client money and their vaulted precious metals, I will always take the options and decisions that will not expose you to any risks. I will update you as soon as I have completed my due diligence on this matter.

If you have any questions about this then please do contact me and I'll be happy to help. You can also contact BullionCoin and ABX for further clarification from them.

Yours faithfully,

David Gibson, Managing Director

Open your BullionCoin Wallet now to gain access to the world's leading 100% allocated physical precious metals backed digital currency. Choose to participate as a coin creator, user or retail merchant, or as all of them.

Get the digital currency that allows you take the physical gold & silver backing it, from the vault, and into your own pocket...any time you want!

Open Your BullionCoin Wallet

Everyone wishing to open a BullionCoin Wallet is required to go through a very basic Know Your Customer (KYC) process which involves you confirming your identity and address (see why this KYC is needed below):

The ewallet sign-up form will be available at launch which is soon!

Send Someone the QR Code

Spread the word through your network of family and friends by sending them a QR Code to scan for opening a BullionCoin Wallet or:

Will be made available at launch

How to Access Your Wallet



Download the Mobile Apps:

Get it at launch

Get it at launch

Browser link for general online access:

Get it at launch


Your information is not freely provided to any government or their agencies. Any requests must be justified before, accepted and then signed-off by the Judiciary of the Isle of Man before it will be released.

Why a KYC Process to Open a BullionCoin Wallet?

BullionCoin uses real vaulted physical gold bullion & silver. Anyone holding a minimum BullionCoin balance (1 gram of gold or 50 grams of silver) can take it out of the vault whenever they want, which means that identities need to be confirmed to maintain wallet security.

However, there are many other very important reasons for the KYC, which are:

Recovering Lost Access Details

A great benefit to having done a KYC process is that if you lose the details relating to your BullionCoin Wallet, you can recover it. This is something you can't do with any other digital currency, because with them, if you lose your details then no-one else holds a backup unless you've specifically given it them. If no-one else securely holds your details, then you have completely and irrevocably lost the value in your wallet.

All KYC records linked with your ewallet will be centrally maintained in the Isle of Man. Therefore if you need to regain access to your BullionCoin Wallet then you can contact BullionCoin and go through their process of reconfirming your identity. To ensure the prevention of fraud, the process will be very strict and be thoroughly investigated.

This will give all holders of BullionCoins the peace of mind that their vaulted gold & silver will never be lost and available to not only themselves but also their following generations.

Impending Regulations

Governments are already actively implementing regulations for the digital currency market. Like it or not, it is only be a matter of time before the whole market is regulated in the same way as the normal currency markets are. Being internet based is no defence for the cryptocurrencies. It will not be long before they are affected because they are now starting to enter the realm of mainstream use.

By having a KYC process in place from the beginning means that you get it out of the way now so you and the use of your BullionCoin Wallet will not be affected by any of the coming laws and restrictions.

Unfortunately, investors and users of the cryptocurrencies that don't have a KYC process in place (which is all of them as far as I'm aware) are going to soon find that they are going to start having issues and restrictions on freely using them until that digital currency meets the new regulatory requirements.

How It Will be Done

Anonymity may work well for ewallet holders, but the weak link is the retailers and merchants, who themselves are registered and subject to government regulations somewhere along the line.

The easiest way to regulate cryptocurrencies will be to target all retailers & merchants. They will eventually be penalised and fined if they accept transactions from any ewallet that hasn't gone through a KYC process. Governments will be able to choke cryptocurrencies to the point where they won't be accepted for open market goods or services. That will force non-complying cryptos / ewallets to forever be very niche players.

Fervent supporters will be horrified to see how surprisingly easily the advances of Bitcoin can be unwound, just at the stroke of a government pen.

Just wait & see…actually don't do that!

Why wait to get stung if it's easily avoided by divesting of those cryptocurrencies now and into your BullionCoin Wallet?

Institutional Needs

Until now, no individual cryptocurrency has been adopted by the world's mainstream financial institutions.

Why? Because these institutions are highly regulated entities and before they can deal with any company or investor, they need to do their own regulatory compulsory due diligence. They get spot checked by regulators to ensure that they are meeting their KYC & Anti-Money Laundering (AML) obligations and they will be fined if the required standard aren't met.

As these institutions cannot perform any due diligence on cryptocurrency users because the ewallets are anonymous, it precludes them from being able to engage with any non-compliant crypto.

Requiring a KYC process to open a BullionCoin Wallet will mean that institutions can freely use it and interact with BullionCoin investors, safe in the knowledge that it meets regulatory requirements.

BullionCoin will be the world's first digital currency fully adopted and used by banks & financial institutions. This institutional access is going to turbo charge the global mainstream uptake of BullionCoin.

Your BullionCoin Wallet Offers You Anonymity Where No Other CryptoCurrency Can

Unfortunately, contrary to what you may believe, there is nothing anonymous about who you are online to various government intelligence services, even when you try to hide behind all the so called anonymous cryptocurrencies.

The revelations over the past few years of how easily they can identify & track you online, shows they have the ability to do so without us knowing it's being done and without our consent. In today's digital world, it means that no-one is truly anonymous to government eyes. Governments just keep up the pretence that you have privacy to prevent rejection/revolution by the people.

So if you use Bitcoin - they know who you are and due to the locked blockchain ledger, they also know your transaction history.

I'm not here to sell you the cryptocurrency anonymity propaganda that nearly every other person seems to be repeating - I'm just telling you how it is. It's shameful that people with technical knowledge are pushing you into use cryptocurrencies under the guise of the benefits of anonymity, when they know it doesn't really exist anymore.

So how does using the BullionCoin Wallet give you anonymity where others can't?

You Can Physically Withdraw Precious Metals From the Vault

The ability to withdraw the metal backing the BullionCoins in your wallet is incredibly important. You can be tracked easily on-line, but not off-line.

Taking a portion of your metal into your own hands allows you to perform trades privately without government knowledge or intrusion.

However, when you wish to perform trades and transactions using the convenience of the BullionCoin network (whether it's cross-border or down at your local coffee shop), then you have the seamless digital facility to do that. Most people will use BullionCoins digitally until they need a high level of privacy in their transaction, at which point they can go off-line by withdrawing the metal.

Your BullionCoin Wallet allows you to achieve full anonymity and privacy off-line when ever you need it, which is something no other cryptocurrency can do.

Open your wallet today to gain all the benefits it offers you.

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Have your say about what you just read! Leave me a comment in the box below.

Please Note: All comments are moderated and manually reviewed for spam. In turn, your comment may take up to 24 hours to be posted. also reserves the right to edit comments for grammar and spelling errors.

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