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We have created a dedicated LinkedIn Group for you, in order to help create a global network of professionals that use or are interested in using BullionCoin.

In that group we will discuss ways to get the best out of this digital currency. Whilst it's not a place that we can offer tax advice, there will undoubtedly be some input from knowledgeable members relating to how to treat it as the group grows.

Use the LinkedIn group to help you identify and connect with potential new supply chains of like-minded companies and professionals that want to use BullionCoin, so you can start to wean yourself off you current dependency on banking system and its fiat currencies.

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Interested in Accessing BullionCoin?

You can choose to create BullionCoins in BCX's primary market for others to use or just use and accept coins already created. It's available to be used by companies, individuals and for your merchant / retailer operations.

Create a BCX account / wallet to begin using BullionCoins and seamlessly transfer gold & silver internationally in a digital format which can then be redeemed for physical at the other end.

Authored by David Gibson:

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New! Comments

Have your say about what you just read! Leave me a comment in the box below.

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