BullionCoin Launch to Reinstate the Gold Window

The BullionCoin launch will mark a special date in history because of the return to using sound money with a proven 5000 year track record as a currency.

Update: The day after I published this article & tweeted proposing 15th Aug as a great launch date for BullionCoin, it was then confirmed that 15 Aug was going to be the launch date. I guessed right, which forced a confirmation :). See update at the bottom of the page.

15th August is the day that Richard Nixon ended the ability for the US Dollar to be redeemed as physical gold under the Bretton Woods gold-exchange system. We refer to that moment as the closing of the gold window.

The year was 1971 and for the last 46 years, the world has been using a fully fiat currency that has been backed by nothing more than a politician's promise.  But a promise of what?

Their promise is that they will not misuse a fiat currency that they have the power to create unlimited amounts of.

The politician's actual job here is to maintain your confidence (note the root word to 'Con') that they are carefully taking care of the fiat currency in Your best interests and the best interests of unborn generations to come.

How Well Has That Worked so Far?

Countries all around the world had to follow the lead of the US government by severing any of their currency convertibility too in order to protect their own gold reserves. Similar to the US, the other countries are now too suffering from huge and unserviceable levels of debt.

Nixon's closure was meant to be a temporary action to provide short-term fix to their gold reserves being drained by other governments. However, as no act is ever temporary with governments, its permanence turned the short-term relief into a long-term error and disaster for the US and its citizens.

BullionCoin Launch Reverses Nixon's Decision

BullionCoin is vaulted physical gold and silver, monetised. It is a digital currency that is tradable, transferrable, exchangeable and fully redeemable!

The timing of the BullionCoin launch will reverse Richard Nixon's infamous decision, almost 46 years to the day he closed the gold window (would it be wonderful if the BullionCoin launch happened 15th August).

A currency fully backed by gold & silver has returned and will correct Nixon's fateful decision.

The existence of fiat USD may have afforded the USA to grow and dominate every corner of the world for a brief period in our global history, but like a sugar high, it doesn't last for long, after which you have to suffer the unavoidable consequences.

It's unfortunate that rather than build slowly, safely and solidly on the amazing foundations the USA had built for itself by the start of the 1900's and maintained until into the 70's, like children in a sweet shop, the US government couldn't stop themselves from short-term thinking and highs which nailed their utopian unipolar dreams into a coffin.

BullionCoin Launch Returns the Control of Money Back to the People

The impact of the BullionCoin launch should not be underestimated.

Currently the production of money is controlled by Central Banks prodded along by the governments. At launch BullionCoin will then give us, the people, control over its production.

BullionCoin allows us to hold money that is not debased everyday through inflation. We can now safely store our wealth for the long-term without worrying about its value in a hundred years' time for our great grandchildren.

The launch of BullionCoin will allow us to keep our money and currency outside of the banking system and the risks they represent.

Help spread the word and tell people to visit us and take a look at BullionCoin.

It's about time we all found ourselves on the winning side against the banks and governments.

If you want to access and get hold of BullionCoins, then create an account / wallet so you can participate as a creator, user or merchant.

 Updated 12 August 2017: My article & tweet force the confirmation date to be revealed because I guessed correctly - Yes!!!

My tweet dated 10 August 2017:

Confirmation tweet next day:

Article by: David Gibson

Date of article: 10 August 2017

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