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BullionCoin is in the final stages of implementing its infrastructure and will be launched once complete. Upon launch it will be the most highly regulated crypto/digital currency/asset in the world.

When opened, the window to join as a BullionCoin Founding Investor will only be available for about one month to those wanting to participate as creators of the initial liquidity. It will be during that short window that you will need to place your initial funding into BCX's primary wholesale market in order to be eligible for the special higher yield rates.

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What the BullionCoin Founding Investor Does

The initial founding liquidity participants will be responsible for buying the first physical gold and silver contracts from the wholesale BCX Primary market, with the intention of then converting them into the 100% physical precious metal backed digital currency, BullionCoin.

Those coins will be the starting liquidity for this new revolutionary currency.

You will then have the option to recoup your capital investment by selling those newly created coins into BullionCoin Network (BCN) secondary retail market.

All of the coins you created and sold into the BCN secondary market will then be used by companies & individuals all over the world to perform trades and transactions outside the banking system.

Lifetime Income in Physical Gold & Silver Bullion

Get paid in physical gold and silver bullion

In the BCN, each and every coin transaction or transfer carries a fee which is 0.25% of the value. That fee is charged to the buyer/initiator of the transaction.

The creators of BullionCoins are entitled to a portion of the fee attributed to the specific coins they created.

The revenue from the transaction fees will continue to be paid into your e-wallet for as long as those coins are in circulation (i.e. until redeemed and withdrawn from the vault). There is no time limit placed on how long your revenue will last for, so you and the generations following you could potentially be receiving that precious metals cash flow forever.

In order to attract investors to create that initial liquidity for the BCN, you, as a BullionCoin founding investor, will be offered an extra financial incentive for your participation over and above what the standard primary market participants will get after the founding investment window closes.

That extra incentive comes in the form of a special higher yield rate on your founding investment.

BullionCoin Founding Investor Yield Rates

Below is a table of various yield rates based upon what is being offered to BullionCoin Founding Investors. The higher the amount invested, the higher the rate offered. If you invest multiple times during the founding window, then the whole amount invested into your account will be cumulative to calculate your final investment tier.

The actual revenue yields you get are wholly dependent upon its velocity. The velocity of currency is how much of its capitalisation (monetary base) is turned over (changes hands) each day.

The estimated velocity that BullionCoin will achieve by the end of its first year, is around 20%.

Open a BullionCoin Account
Velocity Yield Rate Per Annum
20% 5.84%
30% 8.76%
40% 11.68%
50% 14.60%
60% 17.52%
70% 20.44%

Remember: whilst the actual velocity & subsequent yields will vary each year, the revenue you earn will be forever, year after year!

General Cryptocurrency Velocities

The below gives you an idea on the approximate velocities of some of the other well-known cryptocurrencies are:

  • Bitcoin = 4%
  • Litecoin = 30%
  • Tether = 199% for 2017

Whilst they each have their reasons for their velocities, it should be noted that Tether is the only one that is 100% asset backed. It is backed by US Dollars on a 1:1 basis.

Whilst I'm sure some would like to speculate on what BullionCoin's eventual velocity will be seeing it's similarly backed with a monetary asset like Tether, speculation isn't an objective assessment. Objectivity is what you need to apply when deciding whether or not you want to be a founding participant, so remember to do your own due diligence.

Investment Requirements

Physical Bullion Contracts

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The primary market have the 4 following contracts available to buy wholesale:

  • Gold; 10 kilos or 100 grams
  • Silver; 500 kilos or 5 kilos

There is a minimum purchase quantity as a founding investor which is either 10 kilos for gold, or 500 kilos for silver.

Existing Physical Holdings

Many investors wanting to be part of the founding investment window, will already have a physical precious metal either in their personal possession or stored with another provider. You can transfer your existing holdings to be used as your founding investment to generate BullionCoins. Contact us to find out more.

If you are interested to receive the special higher yield rate being given to those that participate and are responsible for creating the initial liquidity for this precious metals backed digital currency then please contact us.

I would recommend that you open an account with us so you have the possibility to buy gold bullion and silver prior to the launch which you can transfer to the BCX during the BullionCoin founding investment window.

Authored by David Gibson:

Authored by David Gibson:

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